DIY Burt’s Bees Style Lip Balm Recipe – 8¢ Per Tube

If you know me at all, you know that I don’t leave the house without Burt’s Bees lip balm. In fact, if I had to be sent to a deserted island, I would die happy as long as I had Burt’s. Just the other day I was thinking of some kind of invention that would allow me to easily scrape the inner walls of the tube to get the last remaining lip balm gold without using a bobby pin. A tube of Burt’s has literally been at my side or in my purse for the past…wait for it…18 years.

With that said, I am probably never buying another tube again. Tonight, I learned how to make my own and I fully intend on saving money, one tube at a time, for years to come.

Grab your supplies at here: 

This recipe made 40 tubes worth of chapstick. Here’s how I did it:

Melt 2 oz. organic beeswax in a pan on low heat.

While that was melting, I measured out 3 oz. coconut oil, 3/4 oz. pure shea butter, and 1/4 oz. pure lanolin.

Important note: I ordered lanolin because that’s what a few other recipes had mentioned. But honestly, I won’t use as much of it next time I make it because it doesn’t smell very pleasant. Start with a little bit and add more if you don’t mind it.

Update: One reader named Aubrey says, “Before you give up on the Lanolin, try the stuff from, made for breastfeeding moms. Really no smell at all. I’ve used it on a chapped rudolph nose from a cold, and even putting it straight on my nose I didn’t smell it much. (But maybe that was the cold). Anyhow, you win as the one DIY that was easier than expected. It just flew together.” So, give lanolin a shot if you’d like to!

You should have twice as much oil as you do beeswax, so if you decide to try only coconut oil and shea butter and keep out the lanolin, OR if you’d like to experiment with other solid oils, just make sure it’s 4 oz. total.

Drop the coconut oil, etc. in with the beeswax.

Stir on low heat till it’s melted.

Drop in your desired amount of peppermint and rosemary oil. I like my lip balm VERY peppermint-y, so I dropped in probably a good 25 drops, and probably 10-15 drops of rosemary oil. As you can see, I got a little excited with the peppermint oil and dropped it in the wax. Oops.

I also felt like I needed a lot of peppermint and rosemary to cover up the lanolin flavor. Again, when I do this again, I’m definitely trying it without the lanolin.

Once it’s all melted, definitely make sure you try a little bit on your lips (after it has cooled on your finger) before you settle. Now, if you’re just going to drop this in a massive bowl and keep it for yourself, you can solidify it, try it, melt it, and change the recipe up. But because I’m selling these in tubes, I needed to make sure it was right.

If it cools too quickly before you’re done filling your tubes, just pop it in the microwave till it melts again.

I ran out of tubes, so I poured the rest into containers for myself. Note that this picture is pre-solidifying. It’s sitting on my desk and looks just like the real Burt’s Bees. I’ll keep the big container at home and if all goes well, this will last me at least a year. A YEAR.

So, each Burt’s Bees tube is .15 oz. I made approximately 6 oz. of balm. Divided, that makes about 40 lip balms. Ho-ly cow. You guys, minus the cost of tubes that is 8 CENTS PER TUBE! I can’t believe I’ve been paying $3 per tube for 10 years! Wow.

The tubes are about 30 cents each, so I’m factoring that in for my sales, but if you’re just making this for you or your family, you can toss this in any container and forego the cost of the tubes. With the cost of the tubes themselves, 40 of these would be $15.20. Retail, it would cost $120!

Man, my mind is blown right now.

Want a Colored Tint?

Here’s a tip from Carly: She says, “Made this with my daughter last night and we love it. I added a lipstick to tint the balm and started with white beeswax so they came out a lovely nude pink color. Thanks for this post. My three teenage daughters are very happy, and I can save a fortune not buying chapstick!”

broke and healthy lip balm

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  1. I’ve tried making this recipe and compared to Burts it’s very oily any suggest to help like adding extra wax?

    • You could definitely add more wax, Rachael. That should help with the oiliness.

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  3. Awesome!! I’ve been addicted for uh… At least 15 years(I’m a Mainer so it was a local stable!) For some reason I never noticed that burts has lanolin in it (or maybe it didn’t before Clorox bought it?) which I am not ok with. I wanted to ask have you had any issues with rancidity? Maybe freezing the tubes would prevent that? I know after I find a tube that’s been kicking around for a while I can smell that it’s gone bad…

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  6. I made a batch using your recipe and it turned out perfectly. Loving the lip balm. Only one issue, I prefer small jars instead of tube. Using Infinity Jars for the lip balm and it keeps the lip balm smelling nice for a long time. Thanks.

    • $10.00 *on sale/regular price $15.00* for a .5 oz jar? Yahsome!

  7. I used to use Burts Bees products, but they were not moisturizing enough – and the overall quality not where I wanted it to be. I ONLY use natural products. I now have been using Made from Earth’s Valencia Orange Lotion, and I like it. Will try it for another week and let you know how it goes. So far so good and it smells great!

    • I dislike beeswax, it’s too thick & smells weird to me. I use soy wax, coconut oil, and sometimes a little petroleum. I don’t use the oil to wax ratio as above. I actually use a bit more of the wax!

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  9. Thank you for this post. I love Burt’s Bees but am sensitive to lots of the fragrances put in (including the peppermint). I’ve been having fun playing with your recipe, although on a very small scale for me.

    My current favorite is 8 g beeswax, 8 g coconut oil, 4 g cocoa butter, 4 g shea butter. This makes 4-5 tubes. It’s pretty neutral scent wise but still helps my lips a lot! This batch I put some lip safe mineral powder in the last couple tubes to give a bit of tint.

    thanks again!

  10. I made this over the weekend and increased the shea butter to replace the lanolin. Made half with just pepperment at my son’s request and then added half of the rosemary drops to the remaing batch. I am amazed at how easy it is to do. Look forward to making more. No more winter dry lips for our family!! Thank you for sharing.

  11. What is the best way to clean the tubes for reuse. Or to remedy the ingredients once in the tubes if ingredients need to be adjusted?

  12. I used coco butter instead of lanolin and it turned out great, I also used the filtered beeswax. made it into a big block I’ll save for later.

  13. I used beeswax + shea butter + watermelon seed carrier oil with some essential oils, and the texture was soft and lovely, but the jar I had kept aside for later use – it developed fat bloom after a few weeks.

    Same thing happened with candelilla wax + cocoa butter + shea butter + sweet almond.

    Does anyone know how to prevent fat blooms in homemade lip balms please?

  14. Just making up a batch right now for a bridal shower favor. I have found an amazing tool to help with filling the containers. A lip balm filling tray the website is

  15. I love the recipe!! My friends and family will be getting some lip balm this Christmas 🙂

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  17. I made your recipe and loved it. I put it in tiny wooden turned (on a lathe) boxes for my girls for Christmas. One thing I wish, I wish the balm were softer. Any idea what I would change to make it my finger applying friendly?

    • Yes! To make it softer, either use less beeswax or more oils (olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, etc.) I prefer it a little more solid when I put it in a lip balm tube because it’s in and out of a heated car so I don’t want it to melt all over the place. But for containers it’s nice to have it a little softer.

      • Nice recipe
        I’ll share mine with you all…
        5 teaspoons of raw unfilitered beeswax
        3 teaspoons of mango butter
        5 drops of vitm E oil
        3 teaspoons of almond oil
        4 teaspoons of organic vanilla extract

        • Hi,
          Do you know how many tubes that makes?

  18. How do you think cocoa butter would be to replace the Shea? Ive made homemade salve and have the beeswax, coconut oil, and essential oils on hand. I love shea but just have none. Of course I can order it but Im impatient. I love the smell of the cocoa butter. Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on how it would affect the consistancy.

    • I think cocoa butter to replace the shea is a great idea! Consistency will perfect, I think.

      • Yes, I’ve seen Cocoa Butter as substitute or just as equal as Shea Butter in lip balm – and other recipes.

  19. I’ve been using this as a base for different flavors over 2 years now. Thanks for sharing!

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  21. Thanks for the recipe! But i was wondering: Burt’s Bees has different “flavors”. Is there a way to add you own like scents to it?

    • You can use any essential oils to flavor/scent them. One if my favorites is using honey and rose hip seed oil. It’s very light.

      • That sounds lovely!

    • Sure! The easiest way to add “flavors” is by using the various essential oils out there.

  22. Be warned that peppermint is a known skin irritant – “Both the oil and the extract can have antimicrobial properties (Source: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, July 2002, pages 3943–3946), but they can also have an irritating, sensitizing effect on skin. Peppermint oil is a more potent irritant than, say, peppermint water. Peppermint is a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis on the face, particularly around the mouth, as peppermint is used as a flavoring in countless toothpastes (Sources: International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine, January 2012, pages 147-161; Dermatitis , November-December 2010, pages 327-329; and” []

    • Peppermint can be a skin irritant, but the EOs are appropriately diluted in this recipe. If you use the beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and lanolin, you’d have 40 drops of EOs in 6oz, which is just over a 1% dilution. If you were to use just 4oz of coconut oil, it would be about a 2% dilution. Both are within the guidelines for appropriate dilution in face oil/cream recipes (see link – scroll down a little).

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  25. Thanks so much for the recipe!! I used about double the essential oils called for because I like mine extra minty. Your recipe is gold! Thanks so much!

    • Did you use the stupid essential oils or the best, doTERRA oils.

      • “Do you use the stupid essential oils or the best, DoTERRA oils”

        I never realized EO’s can be “stupid”?

        • I would like to purchase a full DoTerra kit but right now I’m using the lower end oils for skin care. What do you use?

          • I’ve used essential oils for the majority of my life and haven’t found anything as wonderful as Young Living! I use it for EVERYTHING. If you need some info, let me know, I can hook you up! Their starter kit is wonderful. 🙂

        • I by no means would like to start a eo argument but I would like to point out that “stupid” eos are those that come from MLM companies. For example the peppermint eo apparently smells like candy whereas peppermint eo has a slight herby scent, also the is some controversy with young living and doterra, something to do with possible adulterating if I remember correctly. If you know where to buy your eos you can get them for cheaper assuming the aren’t from MLM companies as the MLM companies like to mark up the prices of eos by a lot close to jewelry. Doterra and young living also advocate dangerous uses for their eos. Also “Certified Therapeutic Grade” is merely a trademark of doterra. Therapeutic grade means that the company tests their own eos, at the very most chances are it’s just another way to get you to shell out more money. You can buy 100% pure eos for prices lower than the MLM companies and they work the same. Hopefully I helped pointed out some info that non MLM company EOs are not “stupid”.

          • I have a source to share for the best quality and the best priced EO.
            check out

  26. I have really awful sensitive skin and most lip balms end up making my lips worse in the long run, so I decided to give this a try – BLOWN AWAY. It was so simple, took almost no time, and most importantly IT WORKS.

    I nixed the lanolin and used 1oz of Shea butter, added a little bit of vitamin E oil, skipped the flavoring oils (again, sensitive skin), and it’s just perfect. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks for this substitute comment re: lanolin. I wanted to make a vegan version of this balm so your suggestion is great. Thanks for sharing!

  27. how many oz in a small container instead of a tube

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  29. If I added food coloring to the mixture would it add color to my lips?:/ or would it just color the mixture?

    • If u add lipstick it will add colour to ur lips but I’m not so sure with food colouring

      • Adding food coloring will not work because it’s a water base and all the ingredients are oil based so it would not mix into the rest of the ingredients.

        • I would suggest the powdered colors used to color chocolate. It’s food grade safe because it’s edible and it mixes with the oils. There was a cake and candy supply shop where I used to live but you could order them on line also.

      • You can also use nontoxic crayons to add color. This way you have a huge variety of cheap color.

  30. Would flavoring oil that you can use for hard tac candy work in place of the essential oil? I was wanting to do more of a fruity flavor and I can’t find what I’m looking for in essential oil.

    • I used candy flavoring on two separate occasions and had good & not so good results. I ordered candy flavorings from amazon and the first time I bought “Wilton Candy Flavoring Set” and they worked excellent. The second time I ordered from Amazon, I bought “LorAnn Hard Candy Flavoring Oils” and they didn’t work. The flavoring oils clumped together and wouldn’t mix/blend with the other ingredients. Not sure what the difference is between the flavorings, but I hope this helps you.

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  33. Hi, is it possible to make the lip balm/butter just using shea butter and a flavour? As I cannot use the other ingredients. thank you.

    • Yes Claire it is! I’ve often used this recipe myself:
      1 part pure shea butter
      1 part honey
      1/2 part olive oil

    • One flavoring might have been water based and the one that mixed was most likely oil based. Therefore the difference.

  34. Hi, is it possible to make the lip balm/butter just using shea butter and a flavour? As I cannot use the other ingredients. thank you

  35. Great ideas and nice diy lip balm tutorial!!

  36. looks good!, just a tip to share, for a finished pro look can use a heat gun to top of finished tube to slightly melt it to remove the little sunken hole. 🙂

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  41. […] crafty with homemade candles, paper, lip balms, jewelry, photo prints or hand-knitted scarves. Friends will love the personal […]

  42. […] crafty with homemade candles, paper, lip balms, jewelry, photo prints or hand-knitted scarves. Friends will love the personal […]

  43. […] crafty with homemade candles, paper, lip balms, jewelry, photo prints or hand-knitted scarves. Friends will love the personal […]

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  45. I’ve made beeswax based body butters – the recipe here is very similar. Because of the higher melting point that beeswax has VS oils it cools into solid form before the oils do in your mixture and you have to stir it constantly to keep clumps of beeswax from forming up in your overall mixture.

    Does that happen with this recipe or does it cool into a homogenous blob of lip balm?

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  47. Looking for a recipe to make lip balm that can be used in a roller-ball tube! Are all lip balm recipe able to go from twist up tubes to little pots to roller-ball tubes?

  48. Haven’t tried your recipe yet, but as a breastfeeding mom of a 5-month-old (and her 3 older siblings), I can tell you that Lansinoh lanolin doesn’t smell. At all. Really. I’ve used other lanolin, and it did smell a bit funky. This stuff does not. It’s not cheap, though. You are looking at about $8 for 1.4 ounces if I remember correctly.

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  50. Thanks for this! So you’re measuring by weight ounces, not liquid ounces?

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  52. Tried this and loved it! Not a fan of peppermint or rosemary, so did this recipe with citrus oil instead. Also skipped the lanolin. Absolutely amazed, it is soooo good! I now have fifteen tubes (halved your recipe) ready to be used! Thanks for sharing!

  53. this recipe earned a trip to my recipe book! LOL

  54. A year for you to finish like 12 tubes? Man i wish i cheap like you. For me to finish a Burts bee’s tube is like… 2 weeks. It would take longer if i lost my burts bees but for some reason… i never lost my Burts and i lose EVERYTHING!

    • Ha! I hear ya. One per month? Sure! Now, I keep a huge container of this homemade lip balm at home and another one at work, so I only use my tube a few times per day. But even before I made it in bulk, I didn’t go through a tube faster than 1 per month.

      • LOL but here in Ohio, mother nature wants to keep it snowy here so my lips are very sensitive and BURN if i leave my lips with no chapstick on for almost 3 hours. It just bugs me! Mother nature is starting to make my wallet empty.

        • oh and cant the coconut oil spoil in the lip balm after a long period of time?

  55. […] you can make up a yea’s supply of the lip balm for your family.  The instructions are on the Broke and Healthy blog.  I found some inexpensive lip balm tubes at Bramble Berry.  I also love their lip butter dishes […]

  56. I am allergic to coconut. What can I use in place of coconut oil?

    • You can try using cocoa butter… its a great replacement… even though you want her answering, i just want to help and giving you from what i know.

    • Probably macadamia oil? Macadamia takes two years even at room temp before it goes rancid!..Most oils goes rancid much sooner. It’s a super carrier oil if you
      aren’t allergic to nuts.

  57. Hi I think i found something to make you save some more.
    The beeswax that you use is 12 to 13 dollars
    But on, they have a big 1 lb. chunk of beeswax for 10 dollars
    I wonder how many cents each tube would be…

    • Thanks for the tip!!

    • Thanks for the tip! Super helpful.

    • Hi,
      Did the cheaper beeswax work for you? Are you selling it at fundraisers? I just logged on and saw this article. I can’t wait to make it!

  58. Hi

    […]an extremely thoroughly clean site with some very beneficial info[…]

  59. […] DIY […]

  60. I made this today and ended up with 37 tubes. I am hoping to build up a supply and use them for a fundraiser for Relay-for Life the next time our group does one… we are thinking of labeling them ‘Kiss Cancer goodbye’.
    Thanks for the great recipe!

  61. Would love to buy a couple to try out before I spend the money on the ingredients. Would it be possible to just buy 3-4 tubes already made?

    • Hey Melinda! You want to know if you can buy some of the tubes I’ve already made?

  62. This is great! I am def going to try it this weekend! Thanks 😉

  63. Hi! Found you on Pinterest! I’ve made a lotion bar using all the same ingredients except the lanolin. I loved the idea and the smell was fantastic! However, I got a subtle rash on my legs and my lips broke out terribly and were swollen and sore. I’m thinking it was the bees wax as I made a body butter later with the same ingredients, minus the bees wax and have been using it successfully for months. Is there anything else I can substitute for the bees wax as I love lotion bars and lip balm?

    • I love the idea of a body lotion bar. I have never heard of it. Do you have a recipe I could try? My main ingredients would be coconut oil, shea butter, and lanolin. Thank you so much! Patty

    • Hi Marie! I make lip balms and body lotion bars. In order to be approved as vegan products , I am not able to use beeswax. Therefore, I use soy wax in place of the beeswax and it works wonderfully. Good luck!

    • Soy wax makes a pretty good substitute. I prefer it to beeswax because it’s a bit softer and (bonus, if this is something that concerns you) it is plant-derived… so it is vegan-friendly.

  64. Before you give up on the Lanolin, try the stuff from, made for breastfeeding moms. really no smell at all, I’ve used it on chapped rudolph nose from a cold, and even putting it straight on my nose I didn’t smell it much. (but maybe that was the cold). Anyhow, you win as the one DIY that was easier than expected. It just flew together.

    • Great tip! Thank you, Aubrey!

    • HPA Lanolin, although MUCH more expensive than the smelly stuff, is not at all smelly and has almost no taste whatsoever and is the BEST stuff for lips ever. I look forward to making this with just lanolin and beeswax (to harden to a nicer texture than lanolin) and peppermint oil. Coconut oil will be cheaper than the $3.50/oz HPA lanolin, so sometimes I will use that (plus it has its own nice qualities, just not as nice as lanolin IMHO).

  65. made this with my daughter last night and we love it. I added a lipstick to tint the balm and started with white beeswax so they came out a lovely nude pink color. thanks for this post my three teenage daughters are very happy, and I can save a fortune not buying chapstick!
    wish I could post a pic here to show you 🙂

  66. Hi Ande,
    I linked over from Pinterest and enjoyed your blog post very much. Isn’t it cool to be able to make our own good stuff and not pay a fortune to the giant companies anymore?! I love by passing so many of the products at the stores I used to buy and can now make myself.

    I have a give away on my blog for 3 Plant Therapy essential oils, a carrier oil and half a dozen glass roll on bottles ending April 26, 2013 if you’d like to stop by:

    Have a good weekend!


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  68. Do you ever sell tubes you’ve made yourself? The weekend after Easter I’m having a teenage girls’ retreat at my house and our theme is “Be all God created you to bee.” I’m trying to think of inexpensive gifts to give the girls (15ish) throughout the weekend. I’ll be away the week before the retreat helping my twin sister move, so I can’t make it myself.

    Just curious if you ever sell what you make yourself.


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  70. Thank you so much for posting this with such amazing step by step instructions! I love Burt’s Bees, but I’m also discouraged by the cost of it. This allows me to take care of my lips AND my wallet! WIN-WIN!

  71. I’m so glad that I found this as I love Burt’s Bees but I’m allergic to lanolin. It makes my lips swell up and ooze. YUCH! How did it come out when you left out the lanolin?

  72. Hi,
    Vegans can use carnauba wax instead of beeswax!

  73. Best part about this recipe is that it does not use palm oil! (which manufactured Burts Bees lip balm uses) I stopped buying items with palm oil or palm oil derivatives a while ago, since palm oil is made by destroying the rain forest. Thanks for sharing!! Now I can finally have my favorite chapstick again!

    • Regarding Palm. Coconut is a type of Palm oil. There are large plantations of coconut trees. Palm and coconut can be grown in a responsible manner although in some parts of the planet this is not the case. But, we shouldn’t exclude palm or coconut as they can be purchased from responsible growers.

  74. This looks great. My wife loves Burts Lip Balm, I do have a question though. I am fairly new to making my own lip balm and was wondering if she wanted the Mango flavor would you omit the Peppermint oil and Rosemary oil and add in a Flavor oil or would you keep both in the recipe as smaller quantities and add the flavor in?

    Thany you

  75. Thanks for this! I would add that I don’t think you need the sheabutter either, you can probably cut it to save even more. Just coconut oil + beeswax should do fine if you do 1/3 beeswax, though it will be softer, and possibly meltier/glossier?

    I am trying to remember the site I used to order cheap and very nice aromatherapy oils from when I was a massage therapist… New Directions Aromatics. They have an incredible selection and are rather cheap. The downside with that is that one can get carried away shopping for essential oils and not save money at all, ahem. I had like 30 of them at one time. Think of them as nice scents and nothing more, they’re really not – though rosemary is a very good antioxidant, better than vitamin E, and will keep your lip balms fresh much longer.

  76. Love this, totally going to try!

  77. I have SUPER chapped and dry lips right now, how well does this work at healing your lips rather than keeping them moisturized?

    • Hey Ashley, thanks for commenting! If you’re needing a lot of healing, I would go heavy on the lanolin (really permeates the skin), vitamin E oil (just a little) and also use some lemon oil as well as peppermint. The lemon will help it heal. It definitely works! And also, if your lips are super chapped, it very well may be due to dehydration. Drink a ton of water for a few days as well as the lip balm and see if that helps!

  78. AMAZING!!! I will never buy another chapstick. I think I like it even more than Burt’s. It stays on is feels great. I gave away a bunch and everyone loves it. Thank you Thank you Thank You for sharing!!

  79. Try cocoa butter instead of the lanolin. It may make them a little stiffer, but it’s a good substitute. Keep in mind, though, that lanolin is the only substance that will truly penetrate and be absorbed into skin. All the rest just sits on top. I think I’ll try half lanolin and half cocoa butter. Plus, instead of straight coconut oil, try putting in a little pomegranate oil. I love that particular Burt’s because it adds color to my lips.

    I’m definitely going to try this. The cheapest I could find Burt’s was $2 a tube on Amazon, so well worth it to make my own.

  80. I think I may use this as a mission trip fundraiser!!! it woulds be so fun to make as a group and easy to sell! especially in the summer!

  81. Thanks for sharing! I went out and bought the wax and lanolin and a couple of essential oils. 🙂 Just have to buy the tubes and tube filler and I’m all set! I have a question though, can I use peppermint EXTRACT or does it have to be an oil? I don’t want it to separate or ruin my batch. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Remember to take it easy on the lanolin! If you’re familiar with the smell and like it, then have at it. If you’re not sure about it, start with a very small amount–maybe 1/2 teaspoon–then add more if you feel comfortable.

      To answer your question, it’s got to be peppermint oil. Otherwise, the oil-water combo will not work well.

      Good luck!

      • Yeah, I cracked it open earlier. I’m not crazy about the smell, but I can live with it. Thanks for the tip! Definitely do not want want to over do it and ruin my entire batch.

        That’s what I thought, but I was hoping otherwise. Darn, back to the store I go. haha Thanks again! 🙂

  82. Lanolin is derived from sheep, so if you’re a vegetarian that would be another reason to skip it.

    • It’s from the wool of the sheep, yes. And I think that’d be a problem for vegans. But wait.. now that I think of it, would vegans want to use beeswax? If all of that is an issue, straight up coconut oil is pretty awesome too.

    • Ha! You’re so politically correct: “derived from sheep” is the polite way to say “squeezed from sheep” but not the most accurate way.

      Actually, I think wool is like a ‘plant’ that grows on sheep (and other creatures) and not meat. Using it is not hurting the sheep so much, is it?

      • …no. In fact, sheering the sheep is beneficial to them. It takes many pounds off of their bodies, thus reducing the load on their joints, spine and hooves.

  83. Thank you for this, I love Burt’s Bees, but had to stop using it b/c I became really allergic to soy and they use soy oil in most of their products, if I use them now my lips swell up 🙂 I would love to try and make some of the colored ones too, but this is great, thank you!

  84. […] For me, one of the most annoying side effects of being sick is chapped lips.  Problem solved with this Burt’s Bees Style Lip Balm Recipe from Broke and Healthy. […]

  85. […] Ok, so here goes, my first actual post about a green product, lip balm.  I go through Burt’s Bees so fast it’s ridiculous; I lose them, they fall out of my pocket, go through the wash, many are found at the bottom of my purse or in different compartments in my car.  This can turn into a very expensive habit.  Burt’s Bees costs about $2.99 per tube or $9.99 for a pack of four.  Like I said in my previous post, I saw a post on Pinterest for a DIY lip balm, just like Burt’s Bees, that would cost about 8 cents per tube.  This seemed almost too good to be true.  How could I make my own lip balm for 8 cents when I had been spending almost $3 on real Burt’s Bees?  I looked at the website and I thought it was a great idea.  The website can be found here: […]

  86. Hey Ande,

    This seems like a great recipe! We like to use peppermint and wild orange in our chap stick. It gives the peppermint tingle on the lips and the mood enhancement from the wild orange. I saw that you use Aura Cacia oils, we personally use the doTERRA oils because with their CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) testing they are safe to take internally so we don’t have to worry about using it on our lips. for more info on the oils we use.

    We were looking for a different recipe for the chap stick and we will try this. Thank you for the detailed info!

  87. I’m new to the DIY game and I’m curious what the shelf life is on something like this if I’m not using preservatives??

    • Krystal, I’m not positive. But since coconut oil can last from 1.5-7 years, that would be the approximate shelf life of the lip balm.

      • 6-12 months is the expected lifespan, without anything other than the rosemary as a preservative. Burt’s Bees has the 12 month after opening symbol on theirs, and that’s fairly standard on lip balms.

        • Also, the Vitamin E used in Burt’s Bees acts as a preservative. Adding that to your recipe will help it to not go rancid or develop bacteria as quickly as well, at a very low cost.

  88. I love how you’ve outlined the procedure, including all your anecdotal information and the detail in the images. I’m eager to make my own balm, and I’m grateful for your work that you’ve shared here. Gracias.

  89. I’ve had this bookmarked for awhile and while I was standing at the checkout yesterday, I found your Burt’s Bees. Being an ingredient reader, I took a look. Ingredients are listed by the amounts used — beeswax, coconut oil, sunflower oil, vit E, lanolin, peppermint oil, comfrey root extract, rosemary extract. Lanolin is way down on the list of ingredients, below Vit E. I would use more beeswax than coconut oil (coconut oil will melt in heat — like a pocket) and as much lanolin as you did peppermint oil. Lanolin is GOOD for your lips, I would still use it, but maybe just not as much!

  90. I don’t have anything to measure ounces, just like tablespoons and 1/3 cups and whatnot..what’s the cuppage of these things? Does that make sense?

    • Jennifer, it’s a little hard to say, but in my experience it hasn’t needed to be very exact! If you Google “Tablespoons to Ounces” you’ll get a little conversion calculator. Try that!

  91. so, like you, all I use is BB. (and I always lose them!!! so annoying!)
    do you like it as much as BB, or is it pretty close to it???
    It’s worth a try- looking up the supplies now on amazon 🙂

    • I used lanolin which has a medicinal smell to it, but minus that I love it! I know for certain that my lanolin-free batch I make next will kick BB’s butt for a fraction of the price 🙂

      • Aweome! Thanks SO much, I plan to make this ASAP!!!!

  92. I was just wondering if you had tried it again yet with just the coconut oil? I have a ton of that and would much rather just use that if possible. Has anyone tried it??

    • Hey Jordan, I made something like a natural neosporin as well and just used beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils, and it was awesome! Definitely think you don’t need any other additives.

  93. Just found you through Pinterest. Love your blog!! I am trying this tonight!! Stocking stuffers!! Whoo Whoo!! Keep up the good work!!

  94. Awesome Idea. I am going to try this as soon as I get the products and I may experiment w/ different oils for different smells/flavors. Are these all essential oils?

  95. Do you think cocoa butter would work instead of the shea butter? I have both but I thought maybe the cocoa butter would give a hint of chocolate to it.

    • I’ve stopped using cocoa butter in lip balms and lotions because everything smells like chocolate. I’ve experimented with all kinds of oils like grapeseed, olive, apricot. I do like coconut the best for lip balms though.

      Another tip I have is that I get the squeeze bottles from the baking isle at the store, maybe they use them for frosting? Anyway, I pour my mixture into that and use them to squeeze it into the chapstick tubes. If it starts to thicken, I put the entire bottle in hot water for a little bit.

      Also, if you are going to make a large batch and want different flavors, I put drops of the essential oils right into the lip balm tubes. It seems to mix very well and you get a variety. My favorite has been spearmint.

  96. Used your recipe last night, added almond oil to mine also. Amazing how many empty BB tubes I found on nightstand, desk, and purses found 12. Microwaved them upside down with the lids off to finish emptying them, then boiled them to sterilize them. Used a old syringe like the ones you get for giving babies medicine to refill the tubes. Used the tiny 1 oz Rubbermaid containers that had never found a use for before for the remainder. Thanks for posting.

  97. I plan on using those pretty pill boxes then just use your little finger to apply. Also have seen a pocket watch with the insides removed.

  98. I’d like to try this! Do you think I could add blackberry berry juice for color?

    • Rachel, definitely worth a shot! Maybe try it in a small batch? The only thing I’d be a tiny bit concerned about is the shelf life of that juice. Maybe consider reducing it on the stove to concentrate the color.

    • I tried using berry juice for color and it separated out because it is more like water. I reheated and tried various things to join them, but always ended up with the juice separated from the mix. The only thing I can think to do this is to add glycerin to the mix and blend it. This will act as an emulsifier to join the “water” (juice) to the oils. Otherwise, they won’t mix. I have not tried this, for balms, however. I have done it for ointments, though and it worked fine.

      • Having made lotion before, Heidi, I can confirm that mixing water based with oil based is reeeeally hard. If it were me, I would try 2 different things. You may need to cook the juice down to a paste in a pan on very low heat. Have you ever made balsamic glaze? It’s the same idea–most of the water will evaporate and the sugars will bind. You would also need to heat the water-based liquid to the exact same temp as the melting wax and oil and slowly add it while pulverizing in a food processor.

        I’m not sure that would work though.

        My other suggestion is to stick with an oil-based essential oil. There are tons of them out there in lovely “flavors”. My friend loves the grapefruit kind and since it’s oil based it blends perfectly with the oils.

        • Thank you for your tips!

          I read that you can use “beet root powder” for the tint. I just bought some on Amazon.


      • Heidi, I just read this from another source: “Different spices will produce different colors; for example, you will get a brown/orange color by adding cinnamon or a pink color by adding Tumeric. The color will also depend on how much of the spice you add. When adding spices, be aware that although the spices will settle on the bottom, they will still add color. You can also add color by adding a grated wax crayon, artist’s pigments or some concentrated food coloring (the paste type will work better than the liquid type of food coloring).”

        • I have loved this recipe. I’ve tried several things with it and here is what I found:

          Beet root powder mostly separates out.

          Paste food color mostly separates out.

          Tinting with crayon works well, but it takes twice as much as you think if you want the tint to show on your lips. When it was melting it looked rather dark but when it cooled it was just barely pink. The tint doesn’t even show on my lips.

          My best result for color was using a tube of cheap lipstick from the dollar store as a tint. I use about half a tube for this recipe.

          • Luann, thanks so much for sharing your insight! I’m surprised all of the other dyes didn’t work, but I’m thankful for your experiments for us.

    • I know this is 2014 but if anyone else reads this or didn’t find a good way to do this by now then it may be of help. I would dry and powder the blackberries. Then infuse them in the oil you are going to use, strain or not strain depending on the result. It should give you the color and vitamins you want from the blackberries.

      • Thanks for the suggestion, Judy!

  99. I’ve been making my own lip balm for almost a year. Base is beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, and a carrier oil (olive oil, grapeseed, etc). I’ve played with the ingreients and amounts. I also add a little vitamin E oil (good for skin and it acts as a preservative) and essential oil. I never use the stove, just a pyrex measuring cup in the microwave (use beeswax pellets or chop it up). is a great site for raw ingredients, plus tubes, and they have little pots and tins too.

  100. I bought my beeswax from Hobby lobby, I make small batches for myself using the old tubes I had bought and saved over the years.Which were burts bee’s and a few old lipstick containers I sterilized. I ONLY use olive oil, bees wax and essential oils in mine. I have a glass top stove so I use a double stack of aluminum cupcake liners right on the burner add my bees wax melt then add olive oil and add a drop pf my choice candy makers oil on lowest setting because beeswax melts at a very low tempature. I am allergic to so much stuff especially if it has petroleum in it, so I keep it simple.Tthe double cupcake liner also works great for pouring into the tubes because it has that natural creaseing on the sides. Any left overs I just leave in the cupcake liners cool then pop into a zip lock and store in my office drawer till next time I use it. Oh and If you want it tinted you can use a tiny amount of your favorite burts bee’s lip color to the batch and get a transparent gloss type color.

  101. OMG! I almost died when you said that you use a bobby pin to get the last bits of it out of the tubes!! I thought I was the only one who did that!!! HA!!! I am so addicted to BB I am going to definitely try this!!! Thank you so much!!

    • Oh, also… do you think Vaseline would work in place of the lanolin?

      • Crystal, you could definitely try it! You may or may not need lanolin OR Vaseline. Oils and beeswax may work just fine, but definitely try a tiny batch and see if you like it 🙂

  102. where did you find the tubes? And where did you find the bees wax?

  103. Hey, I am getting the ingredients to make this recipe because I’m obsessed with burts bees peppermint too. I was wondering, have you tried using just coconut oil and beeswax instead of lanolin and Shea butter? I would like to try it but I don’t want to ruin my entire batch. Please let me know thanks!

    • Leslie, the next time I make this, I am absolutely leaving the lanolin out and probably the shea butter too. I would definitely try it without those ingredients. I have a feeling it’s going to be LOVELY.

    • Yes, you can change the oils and butters. I make balm with beeswax, coconut oil, and a liquid oil (olive, grapeseed, sunflower…) I also make it with the others you have used here, but I usually just make it with the coconut, liquid oil and beeswax.

  104. Great job Ande!!! that looks fantastic!!!! All the best with the sales!

  105. Fantastic! I just made these. I used several old chapstick tubes, cleaned them out and sterilized them. I halved the recipe and used 1oz coconut oil and 1oz shea butter, and I added just a couple drops of tea tree oil. I still have a ton leftover; I put it in the fridge so I can liquefy it and pour it into more tubes later. I did half the batch with the rosemary and peppermint, and added about 12 drops of sweet orange essential oil to the other half. They smell delicious!

    Also, do you know if adding vanilla extract would work? Vanilla essential oil is kinda pricey, and I have plenty of extract.

    Thanks so much for this guide!

    • Rachel, I’m so stoked that you made these, and even used old chapstick tubes, yeah! I’m glad you left out the lanolin too. Stupid smelly lanolin. The sweet orange extract sounds amaaazing for this.

      As far as vanilla goes, I would be really interested to know what you discover. I did a lot of Google searching on this topic when I was making my lotion. I spent a butt ton on vanilla oil because people were discouraging lotion users to use extract. I think it wouldn’t hurt to try it, even if you just tried on 1 chapstick tube. Here’s the thing with extract though–it’s either made with water or alcohol, so I’m afraid it won’t mix well with the oils. If you try it, just make sure to heat up the extract, heat up the oils, then mix for a long time. Good thing is, it’s a cheap experiment!

      • I think I will try adding vanilla to just one tube. I will try to find vanilla extract without water (alcohol only) and see how that goes.

        I got the inspiration for the sweet orange extract from a tube of Chapstick I had. It was Sweet Mandarin or something…it had the minty tingle, but also a sweet orange scent. I love how the ones I made turned out!

        I did find these a tiny bit too firm; next time I think I’ll add a little bit of olive oil (1/2 tsp, maybe?) to make them a little more spreadable.

        I’m planning on making these as stocking stuffers for Christmas. I’m going to make a few different flavors, including a Manly Mint for the guys. 🙂

        • Have you already added them to the tubes? I’m pretty sure you can melt everything again, add the extra oil, and let it firm up again.

          • I have about 6 tubes filled plus a bowl of the stuff in the fridge. I can empty the tubes, melt everything down, and re-fill them pretty easily, I think.

        • I know this is 2014 but I want to post anyway. I’ve never tried it but I believe you could infuse oil with vanilla beans to get the flavor you are looking for. Heat for several days in mason jars in a crock pot lined with a small towel and filled with water.

          • Hey Judy- guess what? It is 2015 now and I am reading this whole thread! I have made lip balm a few times with just coconut oil, almond oil, vitamin E, white bees wax, and candellila wax (since going vegan). I used some vanilla flavor oil and it made them smell delicious. I tried using honey once, but that didn’t work at all…it just sank to the bottom of the tubes. Since going vegan, I don’t use lanolin, honey or beeswax though. I still wish I could make it sweeter…maybe maple syrup or agave? I don’t know.

  106. Can’t wait to try this. Where do you get the tubes?

  107. Love this idea. thanks so much for sharing the recipe. I have a crockpot that will be perfect for this!

  108. This is an awesome recipe! I don’t have most of the stuff at the moment but if I see it at the store I’ll get it and try this out!

  109. Love this idea. I have 2 questions. How did you pour the mixture into the small tubes? What did you use to label the ones you sold? Fun gift idea.

    • I poured the wax into the tubes via a very complicated process. I found a nearby gravy boat/coffee cream pitcher 🙂 Hence the mess! I’m sure there are about 20 cleaner ways to pour it. I haven’t sold them yet so I haven’t bought the labels yet, but I’ll let you know. I would assume that they would need to be plastic coated for durability’s sake.

      • Love this idea, I’m working on making some things and opening up my own etsy shop very soon and I think I’m gonna try this but with a mixture of Beeswax, Grape seed oil and lavender, my husband absolutely goes through the Burt’s Bee’s lip balm to where I can never keep it and plus the added factor of maybe selling it in my shop, fabulous. Also I was thinking, maybe you could pour the mixture into the containers with a very little funnel of some sort that would fit down in there?

      • Take the top off of one of those squeeze bottles and turn it upside down, it makes a great mini-funnel in a pinch. I also have used a large-opening metal icing tip. I have an AVON ginger/honey lip balm stick from a few years ago that I’d love to replicate – will be trying it out, thanks!

    • I ordered Pipettes (like they use in science experiments) to load my tubes. They are inexpensive (you get 1,000) and they prevent the mess.