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  • Food Hacks to Keep Your Bounty Fresher for Longer

    When you’re on a tight budget and trying to eat healthy, tossing out old fruits and vegetables is absolutely maddening! Well, our friends from have put together a handy dandy printout for your kitchen to help you decide how, and how long, to store your fresh foods. Source:

  • 6 Reasons You Should Start Pet Sitting

      I want a dog. Real bad.  My mom bought our Dalmatian, Dutchess, for my older siblings and I soon after my dad passed away when I was 9. Dutchess soon became my best friend. When I needed something in the basement, she would follow me, giving me the courage to walk down the dark stairs. […]

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    How to Travel Anywhere, Even if You’re Broke

      For some of you, “Traveling more” might be on your list of New Year’s resolutions. I hear it from people all the time. “I wish I could travel more! I’m so jealous!” or, “I wish I would have spent more time traveling when I was younger.” I hear it often because I make an […]

  • Being Green While Saving Green: Maintaining Energy Efficiency During the Holidays

    Guest Post by Beth Kelly Many people view the onset of the holiday season with ambivalence. While they enjoy the festive spirit and cherish spending quality time with loved ones, they’re put off by the expenses and waste that typically accompany preparing for the holidays. By doing things for yourself, instead of making costly purchases, […]

  • Healthy Eating On Vacation

    When you are on vacation, you may be surrounded by fast food options, theme parks filled with food such as cotton candy and funnel cakes, and a lack of exercise opportunities.  In addition, the long hours spent traveling by car or plane does not benefit a healthy lifestyle.  Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks […]

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    10 Healthy ‘Poor Man’s’ Foods

    Stefan Pinto, a self-proclaimed former fatty and current model, changed his life and his attitude and lost 60 pounds. He authors an e-book called Fat to Fit, which explains his weight loss journey. While acting and writing in Los Angeles, times were tough and he had to find cheap, healthy food to fit his budget. […]

  • Don’t Go Broke for the Holidays

    Thanksgiving & Christmas meals don’t have to break your bank. Here are some hearty, homestyle meals for the holiday season.   Whipped Sweet Potato Stuffed Clementines-.18 Baked Kale Chips – $.11 Baba Ghanoush – $.29 The Best (shh, Vegan!) Chili in the World – $.70 Broccoli Soup – $.92 Spinach Pepper Soup – $.60 Heavenly Homemade […]

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    Car Shopping: 5 Ways to Save

    After three and two respective years as public transportation enthusiasts, my husband and I recently rejoined the car-owning population of the world. While taking trains and buses gave many opportunities to stand on a soapbox and brag about our money-saving, environment-saving lifestyle, we are again thrilled at the convenience of owning a vehicle. We tried […]

  • Broke and Generous: Why Give When Money’s Tight?

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably on a budget. You might have debt. Like everyone I know, you’re probably trying to cut back on spending. Money is tight – and that’s exactly why you should be giving it away where it’s needed. Do I sound crazy? There are significant needs in this country and around […]

  • 9 Words that Got Me Out of Debt

      Being broke—I mean really broke—can be scary. But the stress can be manageable with the right attitude and self-control, right? I’ve found that the fine line between living on the edge and a downward spiral into hopelessness is one factor: DEBT. Thomas Gnomologia said, “Debt is the worst poverty.” Debt isn’t just a healthy […]

  • Saving Cash on Groceries, For the Anti-Couponers

    Coupons. If you’re like every other American, you’ve heard about coupons, but you probably associate the practice with your grandmother. Well, if you don’t have much time on your hands, but still want to save a little money at the grocery store, let Lenka the Coupon Queen share a few money-saving tips.

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    Which Grocery Store is Really the Cheapest?

    If you’re poor like me, every cent counts and finding the cheapest grocery stores in town is important. I decided to do a little comparative research with nearby grocery stores and let the data tell me which chain was the cheapest. I compared 29 items that I would usually buy, ranging from eggs, to chicken, […]