Cool Links

We’re not stingy about information. This list will be constantly growing, so send in your favorites! Here are some other sites with good ideas…

Cooking Instruction

  • America’s Test Kitchen – Probably one of the best cooking resources I’ve found. I really trust their opinion…and their e-newsletter is actually fantastic.

Saving Money

  • Common Sense with Money – A GREAT resource for saving money. Join their Facebook page for daily updates.
  • Squawkfox – Where frugal living is sexy, delicious and fun.


  • Dr. Fuhrman – The food pyramid we should really be paying closer attention to.

Tools to Help Get Dinner on the Table

  • Super Cook – Find recipes based on the ingredients you have at home. Find this on the top menu too!
  • Food On The Table – For those that want to plan their meals out.

Food Inspiration/Art

  • Pinterest – I’m obsessed. I really am. It’s just oozing inspiration.
  • Food Gawker – Get ready to drool and get lost in beautiful photos of food for your inspiration.
  • They Draw and Cook – A brilliant idea. Simple, drawn recipes.

Other Food Bloggers

A Bit Mainstream, But Good…

  • Jaime Oliver – Fully support Jaime and his healthy-food-for-kids revolution in the U.S.
  • Women’s Health – Another great collection of health articles from the pro’s.


  • Ellen LaConte – An excellent author who connects the dots between the global crisis and your back yard.

Free Stuff

Free Learning Resources

  • Khan Academy – Hey, sometimes being healthy means keeping your mind sharp! Tons of free video lessons from people much smarter than I am.

Know about some great resources? Want to be added to the list? Send ’em on!