People Kinda Like Us

“I discovered your site today, and I’m speechless. I am SO broke at the moment and I’ve been eating crap. I’ve gained weight, feel crappy, and your site just motivated me to try some of your recipes! They look DELISH and the pictures are SOO helpful for the culinary semi-challenged. So, thanks! I’m so excited!” – Janean

“Thank you so much for such an awesome mind-blogging creativity!  I can almost smell and taste every step thanks to your pictures.  And your humor and wit is fun to read.  I can’t wait to try these recipes.  I am unemployed and it just ran out, so I found you by Googleing(tm) for “cheapest things to eat when you are broke“.  I love to cook, and also love to come up with stuff on my own.  But being a programmer all my life, my creativity is more in logic than it is in art (food), so sometimes I don’t come up with much. Thanks again and keep up the great work!” – Jason

“I love your blog.  I am a college student at UGA and find myself broke yet want to eat good, healthy food.  Thanks for putting in the time and effort to help folks like me.” – Jay

“I’ve looked through only a few of your recipes and was very impressed not only with the great photos but simple and thorough directions. I look forward to looking at your recipes more! Blessings to you and keep up the great work!” – Karen

“I was complaining the other day that NC just got voted as the 9th most obese state in the nation and I was thinking about creating a blog about eating healthy and cheaply, and she told me about your website. And then, my work was done!! I’ve really enjoyed reading all your recipes. You have a lot of healthy, practical ideas, and of course cheap. I’ve told a lot of people about the website—keep it up. It’s refreshing to read.” – Kimberly

“You ARE me. Seriously. I’m 25. And broke. But I want to be healthy! I’ll be keeping an eye on your site.” – Vanessa”

“I recently stumbled across your site and all I can is: Wow! You’re site has EXACTLY what I’m looking for and with pictures and good instructions. I recently was laid off from my job, and as a college student, money is VERY scarce right now (I have about 40 bucks for food for the entire month), and going through the grocery store all I could imagine buying were rice and beans and mixing them together — but after a few days of this, it got tiresome. I love to cook, but am not used to having next to no money. I’m going to start cooking the food on your list, from number 1 to the most recent. Thanks so much for helping me save some money and eat healthy.” – Jason

If you’ve got any feedback about the site, positive or negative, e-mail me at!