Panko Breaded Pork with Lime over Black Beans & Rice – $.96

There is nothing extraordinary about this dish, but it was fast, savory, and incredibly tasty. Ya know what’s cool about limes? They kinda serve as a natural, healthy salt. I didn’t use any salt in this whole recipe and it was still amazing.

Start by pouring some panko bread crumbs out on a plate. If you’ve never used these, you should really get some; they’re at just about any grocery store. Take a thin pork chop and coat the pork with the crumbs. You may need to press it down on the plate pretty hard, flipping and pressing at least 3 or 4 times to really get it coated.

First, get some white rice cooking, using whatever method you prefer. If you need help with how to make it, let me know.

Put the pork on a heated, well oiled pan. Flip once and serve when both sides are golden brown. If your pork is thin enough, it really should only take 5-6 minutes.

Go ahead and heat up black beans using whatever cooking method you prefer. To be honest, I open the can, put it in a bowl and microwave it. I don’t think canned black beans taste much different than fresh, in my opinion. Now, mix your black beans with some salsa. Crap! I haven’t shown you my awesome salsa yet. Okay… I’ll post that next. In the meantime, make your own salsa (look up some recipes) or use your favorite store-bought ones. Trader Joe’s has some yummy stuff.

Stick some rice on your plate.

Top with your black bean and salsa mixture.

Then top with your breaded pork. Feel free to use another meat here, by the way.

Finally, top with more fresh salsa, fresh cilantro and lots of squeezed lime (especially squeezed over the pork!). I challenge you to not use any salt, but rather use lime. You’ll be surprised!

1 Thin pork chop – $.36

1 Serving rice – $.10

1/2 Cup black beans & salsa – ~$.50

1 Serving – $.96

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  2. Hey that's awesome! I'm glad you like the "steps" process as opposed to recipes. That's how people have been cooking since the beginning of man! 🙂 Feeling helpless in the kitchen sucks. You should never feel that way!

  3. I just made this tonight and it was tasty. One thing I like about your recipes is that I can remember all the steps without printing them out or writing them down. It makes me almost feel like a real cook when in truth I am hapless in the kitchen. Thanks!

  4. Woohoo! Welcome, Betsy!

  5. Just stumbled onto your cite via cheaphealthygood's link roundup– I love it!!

  6. Perna and Kadeeae, So glad you found me and you like the site! Always feel free to send suggestions to my e-mail! 🙂

  7. Hi from the UK =)

    Ran across your site on Cheap, Healthy, Good. Lots of good ideas on here, I've subscribed to your feed and looking forward to more great posts.

  8. Hey,
    Just came across your site through and wanted to let you know that I liked it a lot. Its interesting!
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Thanks Caroline! So glad you like it. Limes are awesome…

  10. Sounds delicious, Ande! I love reading your recipes and am impressed with how economically you make them. I'm a big fan of limes, too–they add so much flavor!