Chicken Wrapped Veggies with Balsamic Sauce over Rosemary Roasted Potatoes – $1.63

Here’s a fancy shmancy little meal to impress that special someone. In my case, that special someone was myself, but whatever.

So, cut up a potato, toss it in a splash of olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary, and space the pieces out on a pan. Heat the oven to broil and stick it in.

Chop up some veggies. I had green pepper, mushrooms and 1/2 carrot. Don’t chop up the carrot though, just cut it quarters.

In a heated, greased pan, saute the carrot with a pinch of salt till it’s fairly tender. Set aside.

While the pan’s still hot, add your peppers and mushrooms.

While that’s cooking flatten out a piece of chicken, preferably a bit more carefully than I did. I didn’t have a pounder thing so I had to use my hands. Whatever works!

By the time the chicken is flat,  the veggies should be cooked. Make sure you cooked them quickly and really hot! Don’t over do it!

Place the veggies on the flattened chicken.

Roll the chicken up as tight as possible and place seam side DOWN on a VERY hot, greased pan. That’s important, otherwise it’ll fall apart.

Don’t flip it around too much! It should only take 6 or 7 minutes to cook all the way through.

When all the sides are golden brown, add a splash of balsamic vinegar. Cook for just a minute or so and take off the heat.

By that time the taters should be ready!

Carefully cut the chicken in half on an angle with a very sharp knife. Place over the roasted taters and eat!

1 Potato – 35¢
1 Piece Chicken – 65¢ (on sale baby)
1/2 carrot – 8¢
Bell Peppers – 30¢
Mushrooms – 25¢
1 Serving – $1.63

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  2. I actually made it again last night and did a quick sear on the outside then tossed it in the oven which was already heated for the potatoes. Worked perfectly!

  3. Yes yes, the cast iron can get incredibly hot, which is super tricky with the balsamic vinegar glaze. That itself burns quickly. One way I would cook the chicken in CI is to quickly cook it on the outside, turning once every minute or so, then turning the heat down all the way. It sort of seals in the juices and lets it cook.

  4. Made this tonight and substituted sweet potatoes (which were really nice.)

    I really like to cook in my cast iron, so I did everything in there. You have to be careful though with CI, as it gets really, really hot. I managed to overcook the outside of the chix before the inside was all the way done. Slightly lower heat for a little longer is the way to go.

  5. That's very cool!