Balsamic Mushroom "Bruschetta" – $1.15

I hated mushrooms for the first 23 years of my life, until my friend Lindsay sauteed some portobellos in balsamic vinegar and garlic and put it on some french bread. I was suddenly hooked! Here’s a version that’s quick and yummy, and even if you’re a mushroom hater like I was, try it anyway!

These portions serve 1 person as a meal or you can serve as an appetizer or side item if you want. Cut up 1/5 of an onion, a few portobellos, a tiny bit of bell pepper and a little piece of eggplant.

Add the onions and eggplant to a heated, greased pan with a pinch of salt.

Once you’ve caramelized them, add your mushroom and pepper.

Add a few chopped coves of garlic and cook the veggies will the mushrooms wither.

Add a splash of balsamic vinegar to deglaze the pan.

Cook till it gets thick and sweet on fairly high heat.

Set the veggies aside. Toast some bread with olive oil on top either in the oven on broil or in a toaster oven like I did.

Spread the veggie mixture on top and enjoy! Wasn’t that easy?!

1/5 Onion – $.12
1/8 Pepper – $.08
A few mushrooms – ~$.30
Small piece of eggplant – $.15
Roll – $.50
1 Serving – $1.15

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  3. I'm making something like this right now, minus the eggplant and pepper. Thanks for the idea! 🙂