Welcome to Broke & Healthy, a site designed for people who don’t think they have the time, money, or energy to spend on eating & living healthy. If you’re like me, you’ve thought that being healthy meant spending big bucks on disgusting or complicated food, or dropping money you don’t have on a meathead-packed gym you never go to. In a tempting culture of convenience, you shovel crap and fast food in your stomach and plop down in front of the TV every night because you think you can’t afford to be healthy and active. Been there, done that.

These days, most people feel unsettled. We’re financially strapped, inactive and lazy, worried about the future, eating junky food, and stressed out of our minds. We’re literally killing ourselves and the root of most of our excuses comes down to money, or the lack thereof. (Whoever said “Money is the root of all evil” wasn’t joking.)

The problem is, it’s all a big fat lie. Living a healthy life is a lot more than how many calories you’re intaking versus how many you’re burning in your workout. It’s a lifestyle, a mentality, and refusing to cruise through life believing that just because you’re poor, it’s okay to be an unhealthy slob.

So do yourself a favor and stop making excuses. Start living healthy on a dime. It’s possible!

About the Author

I’m Ande. In short, I love cooking for people and I don’t like eating it if I don’t know where it came from or what’s in it (within reason of course… everyone loves a good Carolina hotdog).  I’m 27 years old, and was one of those people that chose to quit college early to travel, do mission work, take photos, make music and experience the world before deciding on a career path. Maybe I’m still doing that… Anyway, I have way too many hobbies for my own good, and one of these days, I’ll make a decent living on it. I usually spend all my money on equipment to do my other job (multimedia), so I’m used to living frugal and attempting to keep a sound mind while I’m at it.

I’ve worked in commercial kitchens for years, as well as my own home kitchens all over the world, literally. Ever since I can remember I’ve been experimenting with food- mostly failing and sometimes creating something kinda great. Those failures and experiments have turned me into an anti-recipe-using, flavor-obsessive, vegetable-loving, awesome-food-appreciating cook who always, always loves to learn more about food and life.

E-mail Me if you’rd like to collaborate, compliment me, or shoot the breeze.

About the Illustrator

Taylor Williams is an amazing illustrator, and she illustrated the elements in the image above. You’ll also see her images within articles around the site. Check out her collaborative site with other talented folks here.