88 Fun Ways to Display Books

Fun Ways to Display Books - Broke and Healthy

Last week I was hunting down fun, cheap, easy ways to display books, as I was tired of those cheap, clunky, particle board bookshelves in my room. Naturally, Pinterest was the first stop in my research. I ran across so many ideas, I made a Fun Ways to Display Books Pinterest board. Click on the photo to find out how to buy or make these things. [If you’re curious, the first picture is of my bedroom and the cheap, simple solution that I found.] Oh and here’s Broke & Healthy’s Pinterest board.

Fun Ways to Display Books - Broke and Healthy

Fun ways to Display Books - Broke and Healthy

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  3. Absolutely love love these, every one! Cool way to encourage reading … love of books we all need as humans.

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  5. These are all so inspiring. Thanks for compiling such a great one-stop idea resource!

  6. WOW….lotsa awesome ideas here – thanks for sharing

  7. I think I kinda want that 50 states bookshelf thing.