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    100 Free (or Cheap) Ways to Exercise

    I look at the gym like I look at diets: I hate them both. They’re good to do if you need it (and I do), but I would much rather live an active lifestyle. Exercise doesn’t have to mean spending $50 a month at the gym or half of your day on the treadmill. For […]

  • Ways to Start Losing Weight on a Tight Budget

      Guest Post by Stacy Crosby The key to weight loss, as with pretty much anything, is consistency.  Consistency doesnt cost a dime.  If you have a goal in mind and remain consistent in doing the things required in order to reach it, chances are you will reach that goal.   For most of us, […]

  • 5 Ways Fitness Improves Wellbeing

    About the Author: Sara Upton is a recent college graduate and health and fitness blogger. She is a firm believer that anyone  can find time for a healthy lifestyle if they get active in a way that they enjoy. Her favorite activities include running with her dog, yoga and strength training.  It’s common knowledge that a regular fitness routine can help you […]

  • 8 Ways to Make Fitness Fun

    Everyone is different & there is no right way to be fit.  I’m only 21 years old, but I’ve learned that any exercises that I do must be enjoyable to me in order for me to work out consistently. You enjoy being fit much more if you enjoy what you’re doing & don’t have to […]