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  • caramel pumpkin applesauce

    Caramel Pumpkin Applesauce with Crunchy Topping – $.44

    I think I need a section for recipes that aren’t necessarily “healthy” but not as bad as a fried Twinkie. I just had to share this one with you. I got in a little over my head and I bought a big bag of apples. I don’t eat them as quickly as I thought… so […]

  • handyguide

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    Your Handy A-K Guide to the 13 Vitamins

    Alright, so I have no idea who originally did this diagram but I’m not taking credit for it, so don’t sue me. This is a guide you should keep handy for the major vitamins you should be taking, including the good things it does, what the deficiency symptoms look like, and what the overdoes effects […]