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  • 4 Tips for Healthier Holiday Eating

    Guest Post by Sara Upton If you’re trying to lose weight and fit into smaller-sized clothes, the holidays tend to have a lot less “comfort and joy” and a whole lot more discomfort and guilt. With all of the mouth-watering homemade desserts, high-fat snacks, and delectable little candies lying around, it’s no wonder this time […]

  • Losing Weight Diet vs. Lifestyle Diet

      A few days ago a friend that started a new diet said if I started this diet, I couldn’t eat bananas or pineapple. “That’s bullcrap,” I thought, “it’s fruit! How can I be on a diet that won’t allow me to eat something as simple and healthy as fruit?!” So I wrote the diet […]

  • WYSIWYG Grazing - What You See Is What You Get Diet!

    WYSIWYG Grazing – How to Eat Simpler, Cheaper, and Healthier

    Please allow me to share the nerd side of me for a moment.  In the website building world, there is something called a WYSIWYG editor, meaning, What You See Is What You Get. When you edit content on a website, like text and images, the WYSIWYG editor shows you what it will look like on […]

  • 3 Reasons to Avoid Processed Food

    3 Reasons to Avoid Processed Ingredients

    Last week, as I was housesitting for a friend, I decided to make something with a package of beef chunks in the freezer. Since it wasn’t the leanest of cuts, I decided to cook the heck out of it and make a type of thick, savory, oniony stew to put over rice or pasta. So […]

  • Eating Healthy Impossible for the Poor?

    I’m going to take a break from recipes and post this article ABC posted about poor people eating healthy. I think it’s very interesting and deserves a read. Half the reason I write on this site is to prove to myself and others that eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, as you’ve already seen. […]