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  • WYSIWYG Grazing - What You See Is What You Get Diet!

    WYSIWYG Grazing – How to Eat Simpler, Cheaper, and Healthier

    Please allow me to share the nerd side of me for a moment.  In the website building world, there is something called a WYSIWYG editor, meaning, What You See Is What You Get. When you edit content on a website, like text and images, the WYSIWYG editor shows you what it will look like on […]

  • 8 Super Simple Steps to a Healthier You

    8 Super Simple Steps to a Healthier You

    Please welcome my friend, Mary Buchan from to Broke & Healthy. She is a Nurse, Nutrition Specialist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Instructor, Certified Life Coach, and Wellness Program Coordinator. In short, she is legit and so is her advice.  Wash Your Hands Often Not only just before you eat a meal, but because most people touch their eyes or […]

  • Why You Should Live Like You’re Sick {Even Though You’re Not}

    I’ve spent the past few days feeling slightly “under the weather.” More sleep, more soup, more tea, more water. More saying “no” to things if it is going to exhaust me more than I already am. The moment I cheat on something in this list, I pay for it the next morning. I’m reminded that […]

  • Kitchen Knives: What to Buy and How to Cut

    One way to get healthy and save money is to eat at home. But to be consistent, you’ve got to realistic. If dinner takes too long to prepare every night, you’re not going to do it. To be realistic, you’ve got to be able to get in and out of the kitchen quickly. That’s why chopping skills and the right knife are paramount in learning how to cook.

  • 50 Techniques to Help You Sleep

    Sleep deprivation is serious business. In the short run, not getting enough sleep can leave you just plain exhausted, it can impair your memory and cause plenty o’ stress. However, in the long run, sleep deprivation has been linked to strokes, high blood pressure, cancer growth, heart disease, depression, obesity, ADD, and a lot more […]

  • Pumpkin Apple Butter Recipe

    This is probably the easiest thing I’ve made on this site. Seriously, don’t be afraid of this. With a crock pot and a little patience, you’ve got a ton of delicious pumpkin apple butter your mama would be proud of. If you’d prefer to use canned pumpkin, skip down to the pictures of apples. However, this was […]

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    50 Fun Things to do with Paint Chip Samples

      If this isn’t free/cheap, DIY art & decor, I don’t know what is! Click the photo to find out how to make or buy these things. Thanks to Pinterest and Etsy for the awesome ideas. Here’s Broke & Healthy’s Pinterest board. Also, if you’re taking several paint chip samples, especially if it’s from a […]

  • 8 Ways to Make Fitness Fun

    Everyone is different & there is no right way to be fit.  I’m only 21 years old, but I’ve learned that any exercises that I do must be enjoyable to me in order for me to work out consistently. You enjoy being fit much more if you enjoy what you’re doing & don’t have to […]

  • This is currently a hot topic

    9 Weight Loss Tips from Someone Who’s Never Lost Weight…Till Now

    Recently, over the past 6 months, I’ve lost about 30 pounds. I’ve never lost a substantial amount of weight at one time. It’s always been a slow growth over the years due to a sedentary lifestyle. This, as you can imagine was incredibly discouraging. I’m sure some of you can relate. I’ve compiled some of […]

  • Crustless Veggie Quiche – $.24

    Would I be correct in assuming that most of us don’t have the time first thing in the morning to make ourselves a huge breakfast? When I work full time, I barely have enough time to brush my teeth in the morning, let alone make breakfast. Last month I wrote about eating fruit for breakfast, which […]

  • Different Meals with the Same Ingredients

    One reason you may see similar foods being used as you go through this website is because, well, I have a very limited space to put all my food. I also don’t have a big budget for food and can only buy a little bit at a time. For most people out there who are […]