Sponsor a Giveaway

Do you have a product, resource or offer that readers of Broke and Healthy would appreciate? Sponsor a giveaway on Broke & Healthy!

Some examples of giveaways on this site could be:

  • Any books or e-books relating to the content on this site
  • Printables or downloadable content relating to this site
  • Kitchen and cooking equipment
  • Coupons for entertainment or services
  • Cleaning or self-care products
  • Instructional DVD’s
  • Workout equipment
  • Gift cards
  • Craft products

What’s in it for you?

Good blogging and good business is all about partnerships.
Giveaways win-win-win situations: viewers, host, and you. Everybody wins.
Giveaways give your brand exposure and awareness to a niche market.

What is Broke & Healthy’s market & reach?

Stats as of January, 2012

  • Broke & Healthy started in January of 2010
  • Almost 280,000 page views total. 211,500 views since June 2012.
  • 67% of viewers are female, and 34% of viewers are 25-34 years old
  • The majority of viewers are in the U.S.A. and speak English
  • 86% of the total amount of viewers that socially share Broke & Healthy are 25-34 females

A few more things to know

  • While many sites charge a fee to host a giveaway, we don’t. It’s completely free of charge.
  • Depending on your product, Broke & Healthy may require a sample before it promotes your product. Allowing us to formally review your product and write about it before sponsoring the giveaway is a good idea.
  • Your company must handle the shipping and handling of the product, but Broke & Healthy will advertise and promote it.
  • Broke & Healthy will choose the random winner.
  • Winners can only be included in the giveaway by signing up for the mailing list but we will promote your website as well.

Ready to sponsor a giveaway?

Contact us to get started at BrokeandHealthy@gmail.com