Spicy Orzo, Chicken & Veggie Stuffed Green Peppers – $1.85

You don’t even know how much I love Texas Pete hot sauce. The other day I wanted fatty, greasy, crunchy, Texas Pete & butter covered hot wings, but that doesn’t really qualify for this site. So this is my way of satisfying my hot sauce desires, Broke and Healthy style.

Cut up 1/2 chicken breast in small pieces. Cut the top off a bell pepper and take the seeds out.

Go ahead and get some orzo pasta cooking- about 1/4 cup or less for each person. I LOVE orzo. Then cut up a little onion and add to a hot, greased pan with some salt.

After a minute or two of cooking the onions, add your chopped chicken. Once the chicken has a little bit of color, but not too cooked, add a few cloves of chopped garlic, and a few chopped mushrooms. Add any veggies you want, this is just what I had to use up in my fridge.

After the orzo is almost cooked (not mushy), drain it, rinse it, and add it to the chicken mixture.

Add a hefty portion of your favorite hot sauce and a pinch of salt. I also added a bit of cumin and chili powder for a kick.

Keep cooking for a few minutes. It’ll start to turn a bit darker and the flavors will come alive. ALIVE, IT’S ALIIIIVE!! But for real, check the flavors before this step is over. Make sure it actually tastes like something.

Now stuff it in a pepper. You can pack it pretty tight.

Cover it in foil. If it doesn’t go all the way around, make sure the opening (the widest part) is covered first, rather than the small tip. Put it in on an oven safe pan or sheet. Cook on broil for roughly 15 minutes, more or less, turning it once halfway through.

Wah-blam. Flavor packed peppers.

  • Green pepper – $1.00
  • 1/4 cup orzo – ~$.10
  • 1/2 chicken breast – $.50
  • Veggies – ~$.25
  • One portion – $1.85

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  1. Ande, I can't wait to try these! I love stuffed peppers, but this new twist excites me!