Spicy Ethiopian Style Veggie Stew over Couscous – $1.31

Couscous is quickly becoming a favorite side dish/starch these days. It’s so light & fluffy, takes no time at all to make, and is actually pretty nutritious. It’s got plenty of protein, fiber, vitamin B and fiber (if you get the whole grain kind). It’s a perfect addition to any kind of stew like I’ve made here.

Follow your directions on the bag of couscous. Go ahead and get your water and oil heated up.

In a heated, greased skillet, add a chopped onion with a pinch of salt.

In the meantime, start chopping up your other veggies. I’m using what I had, but use whatever you please. I recommend farmer’s market asparagus!

After about 8-9 minutes your onions should start to caramelize.

I had a ton of mushrooms, so I added a large handful of them, chopped only in half. I like the large pieces in stews like this. Add any other veggies that need a little time to cook.

Add 1 finely chopped jalapeno. Cook a little while on medium-high to high heat till it starts to caramelize.

Once it’s been caramelized, add a few cloves of freshly chopped garlic.

Then add a plop of tomato paste and roughly 1/2 cup of water or stock.

As well as your spices. I added some rare stuff that I bought for a special Ethiopian spice mix I’m making. If you have turmeric, cardamom or fenugreek, go for it!

As well as cumin, curry powder, cayenne pepper, and salt, as well as any other Indian/middle eastern type spices you have. Listen… this is important…add some cinnamon. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Don’t add a ton, just a pinch. But it’s going to do amazing things with the flavor of this dish!

Let this all cook for a few minutes. If when you stir it, it’s very very thick, add a little more water. You’re going to want to let all this cook for at least 5 minutes and you don’t want it to burn or get uncomfortably thick.

Then add your “Why not?” veggie: fresh baby spinach!

By now your couscous should be rockin’.

And your stew should look something like this.

Simple, simple! Just dish it up!

Here ’tis! SO GOOD.

3 Servings of Stew:

1 Onion – $.89

4-5 Stalks of Asparagus (farmer’s market) – ~$.30

Big Handful of Mushrooms (farmer’s market) – ~$.85

1/2 Can Tomato Paste – $.45

1 Jalapeno – $.08

5 Cloves Garlic – $.12

Big Handful of Spinach – ~$.50

3 Servings: $3.18

1 Serving: $1.06

1 Serving Couscous – ~$.25

1 Serving – $1.31

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  1. Made this the other night and it was delicious! One small modification I made is adding a teaspoon of sugar. I find it really reduces the acidity in tomato-based North African food.

  2. Lizzie, I don't remember if I've had real chili con carne, but I definitely have made veggie chili (I posted a recipe on here, as a matter of fact!). I actually usually add just a bit of cocoa or chocolate to my chili, so maybe I'll try a tiny bit of cinnamon too…. but such a faint taste that people say, "What IS THAT flavor? I can't put my finger on it!" Love when that happens.

    Spikybombshell, you're totally right about quinoa! I LOVE it. I preach about it pretty regularly 🙂

  3. if you are gluten intolerant try with quinoa – delish!

  4. That looks great1 I agree with the cinnamon thing- have you tried it in a chilli con carne or veggie chilli/ Yum!