Simple Sauteed Chicken, Red Peppers & Sliced Garlic with Ground Sumac – $1.45

Who says you have carbs in every meal? Who made that rule?! That’s what I want to know. I say if I have nothing but a head of garlic, a piece of semi-freezer burnt chicken and a red pepper in my fridge, I can make a meal out of it!

These were taken with my iPhone at the last minute. My bad.

In a heated, non-stick pan, add a healthy amount of extra virgin olive oil. While it’s heating up, cut up your chicken and peppers. Add to the hot oil and add a big pinch of sea salt.

Cook on high heat. While that’s cooking, cut up a clove or two of garlic. I like cutting them in paper thin slices. Once the chicken gets a little color on the outside, go ahead and add your garlic.

If you see the garlic cooking too quickly before the chicken cooks, you could put a lid on your pan, and/or turn down the heat, and/or add a little more oil, and/or add a little water. Just don’t let your garlic burn.

What’s that brown stuff on top? It’s one of my favorite spices around, called Sumac. Not the poison stuff though. This is a Middle Eastern spice with an incredibly flavorful, lemony taste. If you’re close to any Middle Eastern stores, go there to buy it for the cheapest price. Here’s another place you can buy it online.

Definitely give it a shot. Make it with chicken or beef, serve with vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, and if you must have a carb, I recommend Basmati or Jasmine rice.

1 Piece of Chicken – $.90
1 Small red pepper – $.55 (Thank you, Hispanic mart!)
1 Serving – $1.45

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