Raw Collard Greens: The Tortilla Alternative

Raw Collard Greens: The Tortilla Alternative

Out of all the articles and recipes I’ve posted, I’ve never shared a game-changer idea. This, my friends, is a game-changer.

You want low carbs so you cut out bread and have tortillas. Tortillas get soggy and the good ones are expensive. So what are you left with?

The Almighty Collard Green.

Raw Collard Greens: The Tortilla Alternative

You probably think of collards as a southern potluck dish after you’ve boiled it for 3 hours and stuck a ham bone in the water. They’re pretty awesome that way too, but you lose the nutritional value of it.

Here’s why raw collard greens are worthy: (look at that Vitamin K and A!)

Raw Collard Green Nutritional Value

Raw Collard Green Nutritional Value


You’d think for a game-changer article I’d clean up my kitchen and take good photos with a giant actual camera rather than my iPhone, but I didn’t realize how amazing this would be till I had already eaten them. Sorry about that. I’ll re-take them someday. 

To Start

Buy a bunch of collard greens from the store. 1 pound can cost anywhere from 99¢ to $2.75 and up if they’re organic. Submerge the leaves in water so the dirt will sink to the bottom of the bowl or at least rinse very well.

I removed the main stem on these leaves but feel free to leave them on, cut them down, or try cutting the stem horizontally to slice some of the bulk away.

Now simply place whatever guts inside that you’d like. I recommend using strong flavors inside. This wrap is sliced roasted pork, chopped raw onions, garlic slices, and homemade Greek tzatiki cucumber sauce that was very strong in flavor.

Collard Green Wraps

Ok, fine. I added extra sharp cheddar cheese too.

Collard Green Wraps

But this one was my FAVORITE. Start with any kind of sauce or mushy stuff so you can spread it evenly. I used avocado.

Collard Green Wraps

Then I added Mexican chorizo sausage, red pepper hummus, raw onions, and cheddar cheese. OH MY GOSH. SO GOOD. My roommate was mocking me for lining the counter with this stuff but after I gave her one of the chorizo wraps, she couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it was.

Collard Green Wraps

You can wrap these up in a piece of foil and save them for days. I took them to work the next day and they were as good as new! The leaf totally stayed crisp!

Collard Green Wraps

Totally wrap-able and travel-able.

Collard Green Wraps

A few notes:

  • My co-worker tried steaming the leaves for a few seconds and then stuffed them. She said that it boosted the green color and helped with the intense crunch factor she didn’t want. It sorta softens them up a bit.
  • I suggest wrapping them in plastic wrap instead of foil if you’re going to keep them overnight in the fridge.
  • Next time I try these? Definitely going to grill ’em. Mmm everything’s better grilled.

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