Pineapple Mango Banana Spinach Rice-Wrap – $.37

Here’s a crazy good appetizer or snack for your next Spring party! I bought like 1,000 rice wrappers for about 86 cents and I’m trying to find ways to use them. They’re actually really nice because they’re not too heavy like tortillas and you can (as I found out) use them for sweet food inside too! Check it out…

Cut up some fruit in long strips if you can, but preferably nicer than I cut mine (I got impatient). I used fresh pineapple, YUM, mango and banana.

Take a rice wrap (which you can find at just about any Asian grocery store) and put it in a shallow dish of warm water. After about 10-20 seconds, depending on temperature, it should be totally soft. Carefully take it out and put it on a plate.

Now place your fruit on the wrap all pointing the same direction. Finely chop up some fresh spinach and place it on top. Why spinach? Because it doesn’t taste like much, it’s super good for you, and I needed to use up what I had. 🙂

Wrap up like a burrito. Isn’t it cool how you can see everything? Next time I want to use really colorful fruit.

Cut in half at an angle and serve! And by the way, I was going to come up with some awesome sauce to put in it or use for dipping, but honestly I didn’t think it needed it. The fruit is so juicy and flavorful and any more sauce would have been really messy. Anyway, enjoy!

1 wrapper – $.04 (yes, $.04, isn’t that crazy?)
1/4 banana – $.08
Fresh pineapple – ~$.10
Fresh mango – $.10
Spinach – $.05
1 serving: ~$.37

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  1. Yeah! Well, plastic wrap that sort of smells like an old dusty attic (why do they smell so bad?) but yeah, they're so fun to work with. In fact, there are tons of Asian rice products I'd like to experiment with- even with sweets.

  2. yup, for us gluten free-ers Rice paper is amazing! it's like edible plastic wrap. 🙂

  3. Never tried before rice paper-today was my first time.My wraps werent that perfectly shaped but tasty.Thanks a lot for idea!!

  4. That… is rather brilliant. I use rice paper wrappers all the time for quick lunches on the go (celiac means I had to look around for a good bread substitute!) but have never really played with the whole sweet idea with them. And while I love fresh fruit… kinda drippy while out and about.

    This is perfect!