Mexican Corn Cakes – 4¢ Per Cake

I could eat Latin food every day and not get sick of it. And I did a bad thing tonight. I experimented. And I succeeded. And now I’m afraid these little golden corn nuggets of joy will become a part of my hourly diet and make me a giant corn-blob.

By the way, once again I was too lazy to get out my big honking camera so I used my iPhone. What do you think? Good enough to get the point across? Leave a comment if you want to give me a piece of your mind. 


Because I made this and I wanted to eat 4 more plates if my filled stomach would’ve only let me.


Last night I was rushing through the grocery store down the Latin foods isle at Food Lion which is large and wonderful because I live in a Hispanic part of town. I have a corn tortilla press (which I thought was for flour tortillas. Nope.) and so I grabbed this bag of corn flour. And I think it’s changed my life forever.

You can buy a bag of Maseca Corn Flour Here through Amazon at my store here. 

So here’s what I did to make 4 corn patties. Feel free to start with a few like I did to see if you like them before making a giant batch of it.

Mix about 1/2 cup corn flour and 1/3 cup of water in a bowl. If you notice it’s a little dry, you can add a tiny bit of oil or water.


It will be crumbly at first, but that’s okay. Just keep mixing with your hands. 

Mexican corn cakes

Keep mixing until you can form a ball. I made 4 balls out of the bowl. Definitely put a handful of CORN in here if you want a little texture. I didn’t have any 🙁


They should be about that big.


Flatten them just a little bit till they’re roughly 1/4″ thick or roughly 3″ in diameter.


Heat up a pan with oil on medium high heat–your choice (coconut, vegetable, olive, butter, whatever you’d like). To be honest I used a hearty splash of oil (1 T?) for a more even golden brown color and a nice crunch, but use what you feel comfortable with.

Once the oil is hot, drop the patties in. Flip once they’re golden brown on the bottom and cook till the other side’s golden brown.


It should look something like this. Wow.


For an entree, place a few patties on a plate or pasta bowl. Pardon the bite. Quality control.


In the meantime, prepare your toppings. I am in love with chorizo, a non-spicy, super flavorful Mexican sausage. It’s very fatty though, so I drained it off on a paper towel. Feel free to use any kind of meat you want. Or skip the meat all together, it’s your dinner.


Decorate your plate any way you’d like. You can get pretty fancy with it, or just dump it all on. Either way, it’s going to taste UH-MAZING. 


I went back for the last patty after my dinner but it was a shame to eat it plain. So I spread on a little sour cream, queso fresco, and pickled jalapenos. What is queso fresco? It’s a hard, white, crumbling, Mexican cheese. Similar flavor to mozzarella kinda and similar texture to feta maybe? Really mild but really delish.

These would be PERFECT appetizers at your next party. You could have them make their own or decorate them yourself. They’ll never know what hit ’em.

photo copy

  • 1 cake = 1/8 cup
  • 66 1/4 cup servings in a 4.4 lb. bag
  • $5.81 per bag / 66 servings = 8¢ per serving = 4¢ per cake! Wowee.

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