Mango Lassi – $.75

Ever paid $7 for a mango lassi? I have. In fact, I think I ended up paying a whole lot more but I’m not willing to admit it publicly. I’m not sure about the differences in ingredients in what I’ve bought from a restaurant and what I’ve made at home, but I can tell you that the taste is so similar, you probably won’t notice. It’s so easy and delicious! Perfect for breakfast or a snack.

Now, this is one of those drinks you can’t just sit on your butt all day and drink, otherwise you will be a fatty. But in general it’s very healthy, mainly consisting of mango and yogurt.

Oh, first, do you know how to cut a mango? Start by locating the stem and start cutting about 1/4″ to the right of it, holding the other half carefully with your left hand.

Then turn it around and do the same thing on the other side.

Carefully cut slits going one direction, but don’t cut through the skin. Then turn it around and cut it the opposite direction, like a checkerboard. Yeah, not the freshest mango, sorry.

Then just turn it over and use your thumbs to invert the mango, exposing all the pieces in a nice pretty fashion. Take a knife and cut the hunks out. We’re only going to use 1/2 mango for this drink, so go ahead and drop 1/2 mango worth of chunks into the blender.

Then take a few spoonfuls of yogurt and drop it right on top. I prefer Greek style vanilla yogurt for this. I can personally vouch for the stuff sold at Trader Joe’s. It’ll knock your socks off. Then add a nice splash of milk (or water if you prefer). You know what you like- if you want it thick, don’t add any milk, if you like it thin, add a lot!

Then blend! You can serve this over ice, you can freeze your mango beforehand, or just serve plain like I did. Feel free to also add cardamom or cinnamon if you want. It tasted amaaaaazing. No more $7 mango lassis for me! Hope you enjoy!

Mango – $.90 ($.45)
Greek Vanilla Yogurt – $2.40 ($.30)
Total for one serving: $.75

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  1. I have been making my own for a few months now for breakfast and a tasty snack- I prefer it chilled and less thick, so I use frozen mango chunks, plain yogurt, vanilla almond milk, honey and ground cardamom – I LOVE MANGO LASSI!!

  2. You're right! Little difference than Tandoor's! I made one this morning and enjoyed it very, very much.