How Eating Real Food Has Changed Me

When I was away at university, I would constantly go to the doctor’s office for a new prescription. On a regular basis, I would simply HURT all over my body for no reason whatsoever. I was so depressed, so stressed out, my body was trying to tell me to stop.

When I moved to Florida from age 20-24, out of my parent’s care and out into the “real world” I either had a VERY low paying job (for over 2 years), or a corporate desk job (for almost 2 years).

Both scenarios left me steadily gaining weight. Being broke and working way too much, I didn’t think I had money for healthy food, I didn’t have the energy to go grocery shopping, and instead I spent money on Taco Hell and other such fat pits. I was still depressed, eating crap, and having lots of freak pains. I also lived in a real dump, so with roaches crawling around the place, it kinda put a damper on my desire to cook. Not to mention Florida is a hot, smelly armpit so the last thing I wanted to do was get some exercise outside.

I tell you these things for a few reasons. First, because our mental and physical health is so closely related. Sometimes when I consider “Broke and Healthy”, I think about mental health as well as physical health. Sure, it’s be great if we were all super skinny, but if you’re a depressed, suicidal, drug addict, then what’s the point of being hot? So, money or no money, we all have to learn how to be mentally healthy.

The other reason I’m telling you about my own weight is because when you look at me, the first thought in your mind is not “healthy”. I’ve got some pounds on me. I’m “curvy”, as they say. And if I weighed myself back in January when I started this site compared to now, I don’t know that I could give you any incredible results. Most of that is my fault though, because I despise working out and I have a desk job all day long.

Anyway, my point is, since I started eating better in January- since I started eating Broke and Healthy recipes- my health has changed. I don’t have freak body pains anymore, my mind feels better, my culinary skills have sharpened, I’m not gaining any weight- in fact I think I’ve lost a few pounds, but what’s most important is that I FEEL better…even being the total slacker I am and barely ever working out.

Eating real food makes you feel better. That’s not just some stupid slogan I made up, I’m living that change. Cutting out a lot of crap I used to feed myself, like fake food, tons of preservatives, fast food, greasy food and soda has made a world of difference in my life (although, let’s be honest, I do have some of these things once in a while. I’m no saint…)

Taking a few extra minutes to take control of your body, or your family’s bodies, and to stop and cook fresh ingredients, you’ll know full well that what you’re feeding yourself will actually nourish you.

I have a lot more to say, but I’ll get into cavemen and indie documentaries in another article. So if you ever see me and think, “She’s not THAT healthy”, well, you’re probably right, but we’re all a work in progress and these recipes are getting me there.

I hope you’re enjoying this website as much as I am and slowly but surely, I hope it’s changing the minds of people out there who are where I was a few years ago.

Peace out!

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Ande has made mistakes in the kitchen since she could reach the countertop. From a restaurant head cook, to cooking meals for friends, to her own solo plate, experimenting & learning drives her. She's also a freelance graphic & web designer, photo/videographer, guitar player and wanderlust-er. In her spare time, she works a full-time 8 to 5 cubicle job. She's the creator of Broke & Healthy.

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  1. Andreita, saludos desde Estados Unidos! Gracias por pasar por el sitio, y me alegro que os haya gustado! Trato de recordar que mucho antes de nuestros ingredientes se complicó, la gente todavía vivía una vida sana. Así que trato de usar ingredientes simples cuando puedo. No hay nada más frustrante que quieran probar una nueva receta, pero tiene algún ingrediente raro raro en ella! Ah, y estoy usando Google Translate, así 🙂

  2. You are quite right, I love your site, follow your blog from Guatemala, I am a nutritionist and I really like your practical recipes, but here we do not have all the ingredients, I like what you see practical kitchen. I'm using the translator to write this hehe, cheers!

  3. HA! You guys are awesome. Thanks for making me laugh out loud after a helluva day 🙂

  4. ande–you ARE healthy! and i think you're beautiful and that from your fb pictures you're looking better than ever..i've told you before and i'll tell you again–i have a woman crush on you =D

  5. Keep Your Chin Up Ande!!!!

    And always remember …. Never Trust A Skinny Chef!

    Harry B.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story. This was truly wonderful and inspirational.