Grilled Bacon Asparagus – $.36

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I seem to frequently get in conversations with friends about how there must be bacon served in Heaven. You could wrap bacon around a tree branch and it would taste good. So you may be thinking, “Hey, bacon can’t be on this site! It’s expensive and unhealthy!”. Well, you’re half-way right there. Bacon IS really fatty. But I also believe one should experience great flavors once in a while, especially if you know where it comes from! Bacon also freezes really well, so one day when you feel like splurging, get a pack of the cheapest bacon you can find, throw it in the freezer and use a piece once in a while.

Someone asked my last week about ways to use asparagus, and since I found some on sale, I’m enjoying the experimentation. Ok now that I’m done defending my post, I’ll tell you how to do it! This one’s especially for the guys out there who “can’t cook”.

I used about 6 stalks for each person. Wash the stalks and cut the bottom 1/4″ off.

Wrap each bunch in one strip of bacon and stuff the ends inside.

Top with a hearty portion of good ol’ fashioned salt and pepper.

Cook on the grill for about 10 minutes or so, or until the bacon is fully cooked. If you don’t have a grill, Try sautéing in a heated, greased pan on medium-high heat. I served the asparagus with a strip of roasted red pepper as well, which really kicked up the flavor. (I cooked this at my folk’s house and served it with grilled ahi tuna steaks and risotto… but those don’t quite qualify for this site!)

1 serving asparagus – $.21 (Try to find it on sale like I did, otherwise it can be pricey)
1 strip of bacon – $.15

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  3. How could this possibly be bad? 🙂 I can't wait for asparagus season.