Green Eggs & Bacon Recipe

green eggs and bacon

I hope that when I’m a mom, I can 1) get my kids excited about weird food and 2) sneak healthy ingredients into comfortable dishes. I’ll probably break them in early with green eggs and bacon (or ham). I absolutely love keeping baby spinach around because when used fresh, there is not much flavor to it, but it adds a great deal of nutritional value to your plate.

Start cooking your bacon or ham while you prep the eggs. You can use the leftover oil from the bacon to cook your eggs–more flavor than olive oil.

Chop a tiny bit of red onion and adding a dash of salt to a mini blender. Skip the onions of you want to.

Drop in a few eggs.

Then a big handful o’ fresh spinach. (Feel free to add fresh herbs or pesto here as well)


Saute on medium high heat till they’re cooked to your liking. I barely tasted any difference in these eggs than regular scrambled eggs AND I got a nice portion of spinach in me. Sweeeet.


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  2. We made this Sunday for lunch! But I used Malabar spinach, which is a summer “spinach alternative” from our CSA box that has a more pronounced flavor and texture. It was so visually striking! And a great way for the family to consume a whole bag of spinach quickly.