Garden As If Your Life Depended On It, Because It Does

Ellen LaConte is kind of a babe. This North Carolinian writer writes about why we should all be gardening in the midst of global turmoil. Yeah, gardening is about a lot more than cute knee pads and straw hats. Check out her book if you want to know a lot more, but at least start with this article. Do you garden? Because it’s fun, because of global turmoil, or because you like to know what you’re eating?

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  1. Where is the end of this turmoil nobody have to say, one day, two day, or year, only a hope there is the people of world community looking for.

  2. Love alternet…. Wait… I mean this article makes some good points! We can’t expect food to get cheaper in the long run.

  3. Wait, wait – let’s go back to that kneepads thing. If the reason my San Marzanos aren’t growing is because they want cute kneepads, heck, I’ll man up…