Fruit For Breakfast Will Rock Your World

So if you’ve been around for the last decade or two, you’ve probably heard the theory that fruit equals sugar, sugar equals fat, so don’t eat fruit. Well, I’m not going to give you scientific evidence of why that’s false…I’ll leave that up to Google if you don’t believe me. A whole lot of people out there who are much smarter than I am disagree as well.

Thinking that fruit makes you fat is outrageous. Just think about it —  fruit….making you FAT. Seriously? It goes against instinct. It’s just wrong. Well okay, if you sit around on your butt all day and eat fruit, it’s not good, just to clarify — everything in moderation! Fruit has the type of sugar that your body knows how to digest quickly. So instead of your body using loads of energy to digest your food, it quickly tears through that fruit and the rest of the energy goes straight to you. I guarantee that if you eat any kind of fruit from the time you wake up till the time you eat lunch, you’ll lose weight. Any kind of fruit in any form — whole fruit, fresh juices (not that processed crap at the store they add a pound of sugar to), smoothies, whatever. You’ll also find that you’ll be a bit more acquainted with the “loo”. Trust me though- you won’t be complaining. If you’re not going at least twice a day, you need to consider your diet.

For the record, I hate fruit for breakfast. I like eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, etc. A REAL breakfast, you might say. It’s a really hard transition to go from a “real” breakfast to fruit…especially if you’re not a morning person like me and crave hearty food first thing in the morning. But honestly, if you can push yourself through it anyway, you’ll find yourself feeling better, more energetic, and more regular.

Not to mention, fruit is cheap. I used to use the excuse “But fruits and veggies are expensive!”. Guys and gals, there are plenty of great fruits and veggies out there for a very reasonable cost. It’s not a good enough excuse. In fact, fruit can be cheaper than a “real breakfast” and MUCH quicker to prepare for those of you who are always in a rush out the door in the morning. One thing I would recommend is finding an International food store, such as a Latino or Indian market. You’ll generally find that their fruits and veggies are much cheaper and sometimes better than your average grocery store. If you can’t find one of those, and you’re broke, splurge on a bag of apples or oranges for about $2.50.

If those fruits bore you like they bore me, spend a few more bucks and experiment with some different fruit you’ve never tried before. Check out kiwi, papaya, mango, a whole FRESH pineapple, pomegranate, etc. Keeping it interesting may just keep you going one more day at a time!

If the idea of fruit for breakfast still makes you sick to your stomach, or you have blood sugar issues that hinder you from only sweet items in the morning, there are options. One thing you should do is definitely have a little fruit when you wake up before you eat ANYTHING. I have a big bowl of clementines in my room. Snack on it first, then eat a small low fat breakfast after that. It’s important to get fruit in there first. I bet you that if you do this for a few months, any former cravings for coffee or huge breakfasts will be thrown out the window!

If you’ve never eaten fruit in the shower, now is your chance to try it. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but you’d be surprised how nice it is. While you let your conditioner do it’s magic, or while you’re just standing there in the hot water while you think about your day, eat a piece of fruit! I’m a big fan of apples and pears which are cool and fresh. And no need for a napkin if you dribble!

Another option is to trick your mind into thinking you’re having a “real” breakfast by eating more substantial fruits and veggies. Peel a banana and spread a tiny bit (maybe a teaspoon) of some natural peanut butter on top, or just a few peanuts! A great source of fiber, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, and you’ll feel full afterward. Also, if you don’t like sweets in the morning, cut up a nice fresh avocado or tomato and throw a few spices on top or drizzle with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

If you’re one of those people who just don’t eat breakfast, you should try eating some fruit anyway. It gets your body in a nice “digestive state” so when you eat lunch your body’s ready to roll. By the way, if you know of stores in your town that sell local fruit, GO LOCAL! If you’ve never had a tomato picked right off the vine for you and always bought them from the grocery store, you really have no idea what you’re missing. Plus, it’s cool to support local businesses.

I wanted to give you some experimental smoothie ideas but I’ll save that for another time! Hope you find the joy of eating fruit for breakfast with me!

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  1. I'm sure you could, depending on the fruits- but the problem is that because the fruit contains so much water, it'll be frozen solid in the morning. You could pack it in a to-go cup that night and eventually have it later in the morning too. My guess is that some fruits just don't work well if you freeze them, or don't have them immediately- namely apples and bananas. They get pretty gross. I'm not sure why you felt so sick! Fruit shouldn't make you sick like that unless you're dealing with funky soils, pesticides. Hmm not sure, anyway, thanks for the compliments! Keep up the fruit eating!

  2. Hey Ande!
    Seriously love the site 🙂 Chris and I have started adding more fruit into our daily routine, esp mornings, but I had a very random smoothie question . . . can I make a smoothie and then freeze it overnight for breakfast the next day? I tried it once years ago, it turned brown, and I felt sick all day . . . I'm wondering if it was just a bad smoothie haha. Anyways, thanks so much again!