Different Meals with the Same Ingredients

One reason you may see similar foods being used as you go through this website is because, well, I have a very limited space to put all my food. I also don’t have a big budget for food and can only buy a little bit at a time. For most people out there who are broke, or close to it, I assume it’s the same way for you. It’s unrealistic to think you could have a huge fridge and pantry packed full of expensive food.  I wanted to show you my food storage situation below so that none of you are without excuse!

I live with 4 other girls in a house, and sharing one fridge is a bit too chaotic for me. So I’m using a super mini fridge for all of my food. This picture was taken after a big shopping day so it’s pretty full, but this is what I work with.

Don’t think that in order to eat healthy you need to spend a ton of money at the grocery store every week. Don’t feel like you have to buy every vegetable in the store every week- one week get plantains, the next get broccoli, the next fresh beans. Just take it a little bit at a time. You’d be surprised at how many different meals you can make with the same ingredients.

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  2. I'm a newly wed living in Holland (but from the US) and my fridge is almost the same size! Thankfully my in-laws got us a freezer about the same size so I can stock up on sale items! 😀

  3. True! I'm not a huge fan of grocery shopping so I tend to go a little overboard when I finally get around to it 🙂

  4. Your full fridge looks quite abundant compared to my big one half-empty! 🙂