Curried Cod Stew Over Jasmine Rice – $2.09

I’m not experienced in cod. In fact, I’ve got a lot to learn about fish in general, but here’s an attempt to make an Asian style fish that is not sauteed, which is usually how I make it. Cod is a nice whitefish with a creamy, buttery flavor and a great mild fish to experiment with!

Start with making some rice. Does everyone know how to do this by now?

Feel free to use any fish you want. Go ahead and defrost it if it’s frozen well ahead of time. You don’t want to mess with icy fish, yuck. Stick it on a plate and sprinkle with sea salt and pepper, making sure it’s nice and dry.

Now add a nice amount of curry powder to both sides.

Chop up 1/2 onion and put it in a heated, greased, nonstick pan with a nice dash of salt. I’m usually not a caraway seed kind of girl but it works here. If you’ve got ’em, throw ’em in! Cook on medium heat and cut some veggies in the meantime.

Chop up some green onions on a slant and set aside.

So, you can chop up a tomato any way you want, but here’s the way I did it: Cut it in quarters, and take the big chunk of seeds out from the center. That leaves you with just the outside section which is nice and easy to cut in slivers.

Your onions will start to look like this…

Once the onions start to get a little translucent and maybe a tiny bit of color, add a few cloves of chopped garlic.

Almost immediately, move the onions and garlic to the side, and put the cod down in the middle of the pan. You’re not necessarily trying to get a ton of color on the cod, so a medium heat is fine.

Ok… so I’m missing a few pictures here. That darn telephone! So go ahead and add some more spices over everything- stuff like paprika, curry powder, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, etc. I just happen to have some masala powder as well.

You’ve got a few options for the sauciness from here on out. You could just add 1/2 can to 1 can of chicken or vegetable broth and let it cook down, or go the ghetto route and do it this way: In a separate bowl add a chicken bouillon cube crumbled up, plus a tablespoon or two of flour, and a little bit of cold water. Whisk that together, and add to the fish. Cook for a few minutes till the fish is tender. This will make a nice thick, curry type sauce. Make sure to taste for saltiness before you serve!

Add your slivered tomatoes and green onions right at the end.

Now plate some rice.

And add the curried cod on top. Make sure to get some juice all up in there, and squeeze 1/4 lime juice on top. Enjoy!

2 Small Pieces of Cod – $2.68

2 Servings Rice – $.20

1 Tomato – $.65

Green Onions – $.10

1/2 Onion – $.46

1/4 Lime – $.09

2 Servings – $4.18

1 Serving – $2.09

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