Creamy Sweet Chili Sauce over BBQ Grilled Chicken and Baked Fries – $1.23

Despite how simple this dish looks, I’ve gotta say this is on my top 10 most enjoyed meals of this site so far. Call me a meat n’ potatoes kind of girl, or a sucker for grilled chicken, but this was delightful.

Skip this part if you’ve already got your grill worked out, I just wanted to show you the ridiculous measures I took to get this chicken cooked.

I went out and bought a cool metal chimney. No matter what type of charcoal you prefer, I suggest you get one of these if you don’t have one yet. Go ahead and put some paper trash on the bottom.

I prefer to use hardwood lump charcoal because I know what it is. That’s more than I can say for those weird chemical Kinsford-style charcoal lumps. I won’t judge you if you use them, I promise, but try this natural hardwood stuff sometime. They even sell it at Walmart and it’s not that much. I taste a big difference.

Anyway, I’m only cooking a few pieces of chicken so I filled it almost halfway up.

Squeeze some lighter fluid over everything and light the paper on fire from underneath.

After a while it should look a little like this. Once the charcoal gets a bit gray, it’s about ready to go.

Here’s where it got ridiculous.

At this point you’re supposed to pour this in a real grill. Well, the night before our grill was taken… but I had just gone to the store to buy all this crap so I was going grill, dangit. My grandmother gave me some cooling racks for cookies… they were still in my trunk. So I used the cooling rack for a grill grate.

FYI: One of the pieces was simply marinated in balsamic vinegar and the others were marinated with a Carolina Treet BBQ sauce.

Unfortunately though, it was WAY too hot and it was burning. I had to raise it a few inches. I walked all over my house looking for something to raise it. I ended up using bowls and wine glasses to help. I know, that’s ridiculous, but I got the job done.

Feel free to use sweet potatoes here if you want. Go ahead and cut up a potato, steak fry style.Toss it in salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Spread out on a pan and cook in a preheated oven at about 450* or so.

Don’t overcook! Pull them out and let em’ cool a bit.

Ok, so you can skip dipping sauce if you want, but I’m also a sucker for condiments.

First ingredient: Sweet Chili Sauce. This is your friend. You can get it at just about any grocery store. Uh-mazing.

Second ingredient: a few cloves of chopped garlic.

Put the garlic plus equal parts olive oil mayo and sweet chili sauce in a bowl. If the mayo makes you nervous, skip it, it’s okay. If you’d like a little healthier alternative, use the olive oil mayo like I did.

Mix it up set aside.

Start with a bed of fresh baby spinach. Remember, spinach is our “Why not?” veggie.

Place a piece of grilled chicken on top, plus a handful of your baked fries.

Drizzle the sweet chili mayo on top, or just dip your junk in later. Honestly, the mayo makes this meal- you’ve GOT to try it.

  • 1 Piece grilled chicken – $.68
  • Bed of Spinach – ~$.10
  • 1 Small potato – $.45
  • 1 Serving – $1.23

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  1. Jennfur, awesome! Great job! 🙂

  2. Made this tonight!! Here's a picture! 🙂 I'm pretty proud of myself. I've been checking out your website forever and have probably 10 recipes bookmarked, but this is the first one I've made. It's DELICIOUS! Thanks so much! 😀

  3. Oh, do try it — put a healthy dollop of grated ginger into your mayo, and then stir in soy sauce until it tastes good. Adjust as you please — it really is foolproof. The soy sauce gives it an almost caramelized flavor, and hey, how can you go wrong with fresh ginger?

    Came back to lust after your yummy pictures, lol!

  4. @Ducks,

    I haven't heard of your "crack" sauce but wow, it sounds uh-mazing!

  5. I can see that this will be a new vice. I love chili sauce, but it's a bit too sweet for me in its natural state — and mixing things into mayo has become a bit of a tradition lately.

    (Have you tried mixing soy sauce and grated ginger into mayo and dipping artichoke leaves or steamed broccoli in it? We call it "crack.")

  6. Nice inventive setup! 🙂 And I bet it tasted wonderful!