Chili Pineapple & Mushroom Chicken over Brown Rice – $1.87

If I remember correctly, after taking the first bite of this I proclaimed, “OH SNAP.” Thus concludes my introduction to this dish.

Start with some chicken legs or whatever cut you want. I just got a killer deal on these. Rinse and dry the pieces. Also, go ahead and get your rice cookin’!

Drop them in a heated pan that has sesame oil in it. If you don’t have sesame oil, olive oil is fine. Add some salt and cook till they’re golden brown on the outside.

After you get some color, drop in a chopped onion. If it’s a little dry, add a little olive oil.

Finely mince a 4-5 cloves of garlic, about a teaspoon of fresh ginger, and 1/2 jalapeno.

Cook the chicken and onions until the onions get a little color on them. Then drop that stuff in the pan along with a nice handful of pineapple. It can be canned or frozen (like mine) but obviously fresh is always best. Stir this around and cook for a few minutes.

Here’s the magic step. Add a big ol’ handful of chopped mushrooms, a little soy sauce, a splash of chicken stock if you have it (otherwise water would be fine, just a few tablespoons), a little more sesame oil if you have it, and your secret magic ingredient: Sweet chili sauce. You can get this stuff at just about any grocery store in the Asian foods section. You’re going to cook this for at least 10 more minutes with the cover on until everything is coated and cooked. If you have more time, add more stock or water and just cook it longer- that’ll make it even more tender.

Put your rice on a plate…

And sloppily add a few pieces of the chicken and sauce. That chili sauce really helps the liquid coat the chicken and veggies so it’s nice and thick. Oh baby! So yum. It was spicy, sweet and salty all in one. Can’t get better than that!

I realize I cooked this with 3 pieces of chicken (1 1/2 servings) but pretend you only saw 2 for pricing purposes 🙂

2 Chicken legs – $.35
1 Medium onion – $.55
1/2 Jalapeno – $.07
4-5 Mushrooms – $.60
1 Cup of pineapple – ~$.20
1 Serving rice – $.10
1 Serving – $1.87

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