Easy Chicken Marsala – $.99

I said on my Facebook status that I literally had to walk away from this so as to not eat the entire pot. Wow, this was so yummy. I never knew how much I would like these flavors together, and I am a better person now that I love mushrooms. By the way, I don’t know if this is the “authentic” way of making this but it’s close enough to be AWESOME tasting.

So, the portions I’m using right now are for 2 people. Cut up 1/2 portobello mushroom. If you’re crazy about mushrooms or just need to use one up, just cup up the whole thing. I decided to keep these long to give some nice texture towards the end.

Cut up 1/2 onion and a few cloves of garlic. I kept the onions kinda big for nice texture. Also, feel free to use a whole onion if you prefer.

Cut up a chicken breast and dredge it in just a wee bit of flour. Use whole wheat flour if you prefer. If you’re anti-flour, you can skip this step and it should be fine.

In a very hot pan with olive oil in it, quickly cook these till they’re almost done. They’ll have more time to cook later, don’t worry.

In the same pan, add a bit more oil and add your onion and some salt. Listen, don’t add a lot of salt. Why? Cause your beef broth you’re going to see in a minute probably already has salt added to it and it can get salty quick if you’re not careful.

After the onion has cooked for a few minutes, add the mushrooms and garlic.

You’ll want to cook this for a few minutes till the mushrooms have wilted and it starts to get all ridiculously good looking, Zoolander style.

Now, put in a nice splash of wine to deglaze the pan. You are SUPPOSED to use Marsala wine, hence the name. I however, didn’t have it and wasn’t going to go out and buy it. If you’re on a tight budget, I personally recommend Aldi’s Winking Owl Cabernet Sauvignon for about $3. Marsala wine is very sweet, as opposed to normal red wines, but to be completely honest with you I didn’t taste much of a difference at all when eating the end result. So, the choice is yours.

Now add your chicken….

Then add a whole can of beef broth. Go ahead, don’t be scared. It’ll all cook down. Plus, who wants a 1/2 can of beef broth hanging around in their fridge. Not me. Put your heat on high if it’s not yet.

You’re going to cook this, stirring once in a while, for maybe 15 minutes? I didn’t even put any spices in here because of the wonderful mushroom and broth flavors already in it. Cook it till it gets thick and yummy like this….

I served it over some whole wheat penne, but serve it with anything you want- rice, fettucini, or even just spinach. Oh man, this was SO GOOD. If you’re thinking “Heeeey this isn’t very healthy sounding!”, I hear you… but the only things that are potentially unhealthy are the flour and pasta and you can substitute or leave out both of those things. Cool?

1 Chicken breast – $.63
1/2 Onion – $.31
1/2 Portobello – $.49 (got it on sale)
1 Can Beef Broth – $.55
2 Servings – $1.98
1 Serving – $.99 (BOOYAH.)

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  1. […] Easy Chicken Marsala – $.99 […]

  2. I cant wait to try this!!! It looks so good! 🙂

  3. Girl I love it. I have marsala wine but I agree if I dont have it, i just do whatever wine I found in fridge.I post it on my blog thanks.

  4. Lindsay, thank the Sicilians! Leave it to me to bastardize an Italian classic for my budget's sake. Glad you liked it as much as I did though!

    As for the other half of the portobello, maybe try this: http://www.brokeandhealthy.com/2010/02/knock-your-socks-off-orange-chicken-195.html

    or some fresh bruschetta sauteed in balsamic & basil…

  5. Okay, first…you're a genius!! It was absolutely DELICIOUS and super easy!!!
    And that whole flouring the chicken thing, I never knew….the chicken cooks so evenly and browns beautifully! This was great. I give it 5 stars for ease and great taste 🙂

    Now I need you to follow-up with a recipe for the other half of the portabella.

  6. As for the wine, the small amount I used probably totaled about $.25 or so.

  7. And no, it's not organic.

  8. It's pretty easy to find boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.99 per pound- sometimes cheaper. I just used some the other day that was $1.67 per pound. So that breaks down to pretty cheap! Just have to find the sales.

  9. Oh, and I'm not trying to be picky or difficult or anything, but I didn't see the wine ingredient listed on your final price list.

  10. Where did you get a chicken breast for $.63? Not Whole Foods or Weaver Street. I assume it's not organic?

  11. Okay, you may have just tempted the "non-cooker" to try this…it looks fabulous!!! I'll have to let you know how it goes 🙂

  12. Ahhh I knew I forgot to mention something! Sorry, I wrote this after I took my sleep aid last night 🙂 I went back and mentioned something about the Marsala wine thing. Like I just added, this may take out a bit of the authenticity of the Marsala part of it, but I didn't taste much of a difference between the two when eating the final product. People should use Marsala if they have it, but I assume more people have red wine lying around their house and now I know it's just as good with a plain red. Anyway, thanks for your comment!

  13. This sounds yummy, but chicken Marsala is called that because you use Marsala wine, a very unique flavor. Maybe this should be red wine chicken or chicken in red wine sauce 🙂