Chicken & Feta Stuffed Portobellos with Classic Tomato Sauce & Spinach – $1.87

I think I can safely say that one of my “comfort foods” is anything with tomato sauce and chicken. I know, I’m so adventurous, right? So look, I’m using ingredients here that you may not think are that cheap. Some recipes I have are cheaper than others, and this is on the higher end of things… just so you know.

Anyway, so ya’ got yourself a big portobello mushroom.

With a spoon or knife, carefully (more carefully than I did it….hey, I was hungry), take out the guts to make a shell.

For two portobellos, cut up one piece of chicken in small chunks.

Add your chicken to a greased, very hot saute pan with a big pinch of salt.

Right before the chicken is done, add some basil- fresh if you have it, dried if you don’t.

Divide the chicken in half and place in the portobellos. Top with some amazing tomato sauce, or some canned/jarred stuff if you please.

Now stick a big fat piece of feta on top. You can skip this if you want, but do you really want to skip this?

Cook in your oven or toaster oven at about 400* until the sauce bubbles and feta browns- maybe 10 minutes?

I know, it doesn’t look that great yet, but trust me. Plate it.

Top with a big pile of fresh chopped spinach and serve hot! You’ll be shocked at how flippin’ good this tastes! Oh, and feel free to add this to some pasta if you want, but honestly I didn’t even need it.

2 Portobellos – $2.19

2 Half servings of sauce – $.51

1 Chicken breast – $.79

2 Pieces feta – ~$.25

2 Servings – $3.74

1 Serving – $1.87

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  1. GREAT recipes & pictures! I'm just learning about eating healthy and getting fit…it's a journey. Love your blog!