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  • 101 Creative Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

    With wedding season upon us, it’s important to remember that weddings don’t necessarily have to break your bank! The folks at The Penny Hoarder have written 101 super creative ways to save money while planning your wedding, and they’re seriously good. If you’re single like me, but know someone who’s planning one, do them a […]

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    Skim Milk Linked with Obesity (and Scary Secrets about How It’s Made)

      According to a recent study, low-fat dairy products, namely skim milk, contributed to a higher obesity rate in children. First thought to help children avoid weight gain, many doctors suggested that parents give their children skim milk instead of whole milk. Makes sense, right? Lower calories and less fat means skinny kids! But as […]

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    Hungry for Change Documentary – Free Online Premiere

    Hey all, Hungry for Change has a new full length documentary they’re sharing for free online. I just popped in my e-mail and now viewing it on Vimeo. Sweet! Here’s the trailer for a sneak peek. It looks SERIOUSLY good.

  • Stop the Cycle

    As controversial as this commercial may be, it’s pretty powerful. We must stop the cycle of obesity, starting right at our own dinner tables! What do you think about this?

  • 6 Lessons From Recent Diet Research

    Diet Blog posted a nice article about recent studies about diets and foods we should/shouldn’t eat. I particularly like some of the results, like how olive oil really IS good for you. The study on how eating fries makes you gain weight was real shocker! Sarcasm. Anyway, here’s the article. Thanks Diet Blog!  

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    What’s the Best Charcoal Chimney Starter to Buy?

    What a fantastic website. America’s Test Kitchen/Cooks Illustrated post a lot of Equipment Reviews that are fascinating and amazingly useful. These guys are trustworthy and really do their homework, so hear what they have to say. Yesterday I posted an article about grilling. I mentioned using charcoal chimneys if you use a charcoal grill, which […]

  • 40 Recipes with 10 Ingredients

    I ran across this amazing article from Women’s Health Magazine today. 40 fresh recipes with only 10 healthy, cheap, easy to find ingredients. Very, very useful if you’re on a budget and want to make several meals with same ingredients. Thanks WHM!

  • Garden As If Your Life Depended On It, Because It Does

    Ellen LaConte is kind of a babe. This North Carolinian writer writes about why we should all be gardening in the midst of global turmoil. Yeah, gardening is about a lot more than cute knee pads and straw hats. Check out her book if you want to know a lot more, but at least start […]

  • Farmer’s Markets Now Accept Food Stamps

    If you’re neither a farmer’s market goer, a food stamp user or a California liver, this may not seem like a big deal. But some markets in California have started accepting food stamps. As someone who hates the food that’s available/encouraged for the American food stamp system, and as someone who adores farmer’s markets, this […]

  • Master the Art of Low-Effort Cooking

    In my college dorm room, we weren’t allowed to have any cooking devices except a microwave and I was getting pretty tired of Ramen. I thought I was pretty clever by bending/breaking the rules and using a rice cooker to cook real meals. But then I found out that lots of other people have already […]