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  • 4 Tips for Healthier Holiday Eating

    Guest Post by Sara Upton If you’re trying to lose weight and fit into smaller-sized clothes, the holidays tend to have a lot less “comfort and joy” and a whole lot more discomfort and guilt. With all of the mouth-watering homemade desserts, high-fat snacks, and delectable little candies lying around, it’s no wonder this time […]

  • Fixing a Broken Food System

    Guest Post by Beth Kelly   That common phrase uttered in most of our childhoods by those in charge “finish your dinner, there are starving kids in (insert impoverished nation here)” might actually have had some truth to them. Coming from the land of plenty – if not too much – many Americans fall into […]

  • WYSIWYG Grazing - What You See Is What You Get Diet!

    WYSIWYG Grazing – How to Eat Simpler, Cheaper, and Healthier

    Please allow me to share the nerd side of me for a moment.  In the website building world, there is something called a WYSIWYG editor, meaning, What You See Is What You Get. When you edit content on a website, like text and images, the WYSIWYG editor shows you what it will look like on […]

  • Grace, Shame, and Why Diet Pills Made Me Fatter

    In 2011 I lost 35 pounds in 6 months. It was awesome. I was surging with energy and felt great. My friends and family complimented me left and right. I liked how I looked in photos—the true test of self-confidence. But I have a confession. I didn’t lose it naturally. I lost it with the help of […]

  • 7 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

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    7 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

    I don’t mean to sound like Miss Grumpy Pants at such a festive time of year, but hear me out. I don’t like New Years Resolutions, and I’ve stopped making them. People make them because they want to better themselves, which is all good and lovely. But it may be a little trickier than that. […]

  • Being Unhealthy Does Not Make You a Victim

    Healthy food is just too expensive.  Everyone goes out to lunch at work so of course I go with them.  The gym is too expensive.  I’m just way to tired after work.  It’s too hot to work out outside, and plus, it’s unsafe to run where I live.  Being addicted to sweets is genetic, I […]

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    Why You Should Live Like You’re Poor {Even Though You’re Not}

    I’m not a financial advisor and I’m not wealthy, let’s just get that straight. But common sense tells me that becoming wealthy is a lot like losing weight: Earn more than you spend, burn more calories than you eat. It’s simple math. Seems to me that until one can make this equation fit my life, […]

  • 6 Life Skills I’ll Teach my Children (When I Have Them)

    1. The Art of Simplicity It’s funny how many life lessons I’ve learned through cooking. Take, for example, a true Italian dining experience. Most famous Italian chefs would agree that our food should be simple, and shouldn’t be masked by too many flavors or spices. It’s authentic, it’s simple, it’s not pretentious—it is what it […]

  • Self-Trust & Diets: Do you Trust Yourself?

      I’m a big fan of the book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. At my “real job” (a corporate setting), I was heavily encouraged (forced) to learn about this book and spend lunch hours listening to seminars about it. Admittedly, I had a bad attitude about it at first. I had always thought this […]

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    1st World “Poor” vs. 3rd world “Poor”

      Whenever I’m in a situation that I’m not sure how to handle, or if I’m trying to make a tough decision, I have a rule of thumb I try to maintain: Step back and look at the big picture. I mean the really big picture. I’m a human on this thing called Earth and […]

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    Broke & Vagabonding

    I just bought a plane ticket to Paris. I’ll be there for 2 months and, out of those 2 months, I have 2 weeks planned. The rest of the time I’ll just wander about Europe and see where things take me. I made a joke about marrying a Spaniard and moving up to the village […]

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    4 Confessions of a Healthy Food Blogger

    This weekend I watched the documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix. I liked it. It challenged me in several ways and I felt pumped to drink a lot more fresh juice. But, like most food documentaries, it left me feeling guilty for not being a health food & fitness superstar. In the downward […]

  • Celebrate 100 Things in 100 Days

    I’m sure you’re well aware of the Casey Anthony trial, the verdict, and all the controversy surrounding it. I’ll explain what little about it that I do know, if you haven’t heard already, but if you want more info, take a look at this Wikipedia page. Essentially what happened was this: A young mother was […]

  • Breaking Dependence from Recipes and Using Common Sense

    If I was ever cool enough to write a “cookbook”, this would be the subtitle. Look, I like recipes just as much as anyone else. In my spare time I’ll flip through magazines or browse websites looking for cool ideas. When I’m baking or cooking something complicated, that’s a different story, recipes are my friend. […]

  • Eating Healthy Impossible for the Poor?

    I’m going to take a break from recipes and post this article ABC posted about poor people eating healthy. I think it’s very interesting and deserves a read. Half the reason I write on this site is to prove to myself and others that eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, as you’ve already seen. […]

  • Broke & Unhealthy Gets You Nowhere

    I weigh more than I should for my height. I’ve visited Taco Hell more than I should have. I love real butter and sweets. I’m not a dietitian. I don’t even have a college degree. I’m poor and “don’t have the time” to make “real food”. Because I have a full time job (well, I […]