Beefy Baby Bella Pasta – $1.39

Ok, don’t get mad at me. When you think “healthy”, you probably don’t think pasta. That’s okay, I’m on the same page. But see… the thing is, sometimes “healthy” is a little…well, relative. Is a bowl of pasta better than a Big Mac, fries and a Coke? Yeah, I think so. Sometimes to me, “healthy” is knowing exactly what I’m eating, even if it IS filled with carbs. So here’s a little something I threw together because I literally only had some pasta and some mushrooms. Ok, enough disclaimers, let’s cook.

Because there are only two main ingredients, I decided to use a whole store container o’ baby bella mushrooms for 3 servings. Use any mushrooms you want, but try to stay away from the regular ol’ white ones. How boring.

Go ahead and get your pasta of choice boiling. I cut the baby bellas in half, but you can keep them whole OR cut them tiny if you want.

Add them to a heated, greased pan and cook them until they’re soft, but not mushy.

Now you want to add a can of beef stock and cook on high, high heat. *Veg Alert* If you want to keep it vegan/vegetarian, just add veggie stock!

When it starts to boil, add your almost-cooked pasta.

Keep the pasta cooking until most of the liquid has evaporated or soaked into the pasta. This is so much better than just adding the thickened sauce over the pasta. I’m not sure why exactly, but when the hot pasta gets cooked in a pan with liquid, it seems to soak it up like a sponge.

Once the liquid is all soaked up, you’re good to go! Taste it before you serve though, make sure it’s salty enough for sure, otherwise it’ll be Bland City.

3 Servings Pasta – ~$.60

1 Package Baby Portobello Mushrooms – $2.79

1 Can Beef Stock – $.79

3 Servings – $4.18

1 Serving – $1.39

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  1. Great recipe, it was a hit at home.