Balsamic Glazed Mushrooms & Meatballs with Onions & Bacon – $1.21

I’m not sure you can really mess up a dish with mushrooms, onions, bacon and balsamic vinegar. I ended up being so impressed with the flavor, I didn’t actually serve it with any starch at all. It’d be good with pasta if you want, or just serve with bread too. Mmmm….

Start with about 2 servings of ground turkey (or chicken or beef) in a mixing bowl. Add a few cloves of fresh minced garlic, salt, pepper and parsley.

Shape into small meatballs and add to a heated, lightly greased pan. Immediately add a handful of chopped bacon.

Once they’ve gotten a little color on the outside (but not cooked all the way through yet), add 1/2 sliced onion.

After just a few minutes add a huge handful of sliced baby bella mushrooms.

Cook a few minutes, just until the mushrooms have cooked down. Remember, you need to be cooking on medium high heat. At this point, add at least 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar. It’ll be a little runny, don’t worry.

Cook down until the vinegar has thickened a LOT. If you’re into feta cheese, put some in! I didn’t have any though.

Serve plain or with whatever you want! Soooo good.

1/4 Pound Ground Turkey (2 servings) – $.72

1/2 Onion – $.48

1/3 Package Baby Bellas – $.99

2 Slices Bacon – $.23

2 Servings – $2.42

1 Serving – $1.21

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  1. We had this (yes, with venison) for dinner tonight.. thumbs up!
    I decided to put in some cream at the end, which was not bad, but it made it look just like stroganoff… so I added feta cheese to melt a bit, and then it was delicious. Also added in some spinach.. why not? 🙂 Thanks!

  2. DUDE. Yeah I'm still here. I'm attempting to spin a lot of plates these days- Broke and Healthy, a full time desk job, my photo/video stuff, writing, all sorts of things. I went on a 10 day vacation to Montana last week, so I had to prepare for that, plus coming back and trying to edit photos and videos have taken up my time lately! I'm definitely working on posting again very soon! Thanks for asking!

  3. This looks yum — but where are you, Ande? Have you been eaten by the workday? Lingering Lurkers Vant To Know. 🙂

  4. Sarah, agreed! I've never had ground venison but I'll bet it's interesting. I'm a big fan of marinating deer steaks in a vinegar based sauce and grilling them. Yumm.

    Kitty, I think it would definitely taste great with a few drops of liquid smoke and some extra salt. You may be missing a little bit of the depth without the bacon, but it would still be pretty tasty! Thanks for trying it!

  5. I made some of this tonight, minus the bacon. I'm trying to cut out pork. I served it on some plain mashed potatoes. It was really delicious, but I can only imagine what it'd taste like with the bacon! I will definitely remake this. If I still leave out the bacon, you think extra salt and liquid smoke would make up the difference?

  6. That would be great with venison too! 🙂