Balsamic Chicken, Feta & Veggie "Flatbread" Tortilla Pizza – $1.93

The other night I was dying for some pizza. Honestly though, I never have the energy to make dough. So I thought I’d go Euro-style and make some ghetto super thin “pizzas”.

If you have a pan with holes in it like this, sweet. If not, maybe you could cook the tortillas on the oven rack for just a few minutes so it gets crunchy before you put the junk on it.

Slather up some sauce now. If you’re making this for just one or two people, you could always get one of those mini cans of tomato sauce from the store.

I added tomatoes and onions…

Then cut up a piece of chicken to saute it…

And when it’s almost done, add a nice splash of balsamic vinegar and spices, like garlic powder, onion powder, basil, salt and pepper. Cook till the vinegar’s evaporated and set aside.

Add chopped red peppers, broccoli, your favorite veggies, and chicken on top.

So… you can judge me here and that’s okay. Listen, you can’t have pizza without cheese and that’s that! I feel better about eating feta rather than mozzarella for some reason. I personally loaded mine up but you don’t have to.

Cook in the oven at approximately 450* till the cheese gets a little browned and things get bubbly. Cut and enjoy!

1 Tortilla – $.15
2 Tbs tomato sauce – ~$.10
1/2 Tomato – $.33
1/5 Red Pepper – $.15 (sale pepper at the farmer’s market, woo!)
Handful o’ Broccoli – ~$.20
1/2 Chicken Breast – $.45
1/8 Block Feta – $.55

1 Flatbread Pizza – $1.93

So this came out a little more than I thought. I splurged on the feta and chicken. Without that you could make it quite a bit cheaper.

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  1. these are AMAZING and super easy.

  2. This is reader friendly haha, like the accompanied pictures with every steps (:

  3. Nice! This could be a quick, substantial, fun lunch at home if there were leftover meat/veggies.