Bacon Wrapped Beef Filet over Sauteed Brussel Sprouts – $1.25

When you think brussel sprouts, you probably have some weird childish reaction that resembles a 2-year old scrunching their nose up to food on their plate. If not, great! I had that attitude for so long, until a friend in Slovakia sauteed them in goose fat and salt. I was immediately a fan. I didn’t make these with goose fat, rather olive oil, but you’re welcome to use your preferred fat. Hmm, ya’ don’t hear that sentence every day.

So start by peeling off the outer dirty layer and maybe cutting off the dirty tips. Then cut them in half. You don’t necessarily have to do this, but they cook quicker and you get more pores for any kind of flavor or spices to seep in. Not to mention more potential for a nice crunchy outer layer.

Drop them in a heated, greased pan on medium heat with a hearty pinch of salt.

I bought a piece of bacon wrapped beef from Aldi for $1. Nice price, right? No lie. Go ahead and start cooking that. I put mine in another heated greased saute pan on high heat. I like mine medium rare, so by the time my brussels were done, so was my beef.

After a few minutes you’ll probably start to feel a little uncomfortable with the heat on the sprouts– maybe noticing they’re getting a little color on the outside. In this case I like to add a splash of liquid- whether water or broth. I used water here. This will sort of steam them and lower the temperature temporarily. Add any spices you prefer. I kept mine simple with just salt and a little pepper.

Cook for just another minute till they’re fairly tender, but NOT mushy. When you cook them too long they get bitter.

Go ahead and plate the sprouts.

Then with your beef on top. I’m a huge A1 fan, but skip if you want. Yum!

Aldi Bacon Wrapped Beef – $1
1 Serving Brussel Sprouts – $.25 (from the Farmer’s Market, baby!)

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  1. Ok, so I’m actually going to get over the 2 yr old scrunched nose thing and try making…and eating…brussel sprouts like a big girl. Your pics c0nvinced me.

    • Yahoo! The trick is not to overcook them, or else they’ll get bitter. Make sure they’ve got a little crunch, like perfect steamed broccoli. You can also roast brussels in the oven at maybe 400? for 10 minutes? AND if you happen to keep bacon fat around in the fridge, this is a great time to use some. Mmmm…

  2. […] Bacon Wrapped Beef Filet over Sauteed Brussel Sprouts – $1.25 […]

  3. That looks very cool. If I ever find fresh brussels sprouts, this will be up there on the list of things to make.

  4. Thanks, Amy! I had the same luck with green beans as well. I always had them steamed, but when someone sauteed them for me once, I fell in love all over again!

  5. wow, that's a tasty yet economical meal.

    I actually have always loved Brussel sprouts. I usually steam them. You've inspired me to try cooking them a new way.