6 Life Skills I’ll Teach my Children (When I Have Them)

5. The Art of Progression

After 18 years of school, I was burned out on learning. School wasn’t something I wanted–it was something I had to do.

But the longer I’m out of school, the more I miss and value learning, and the older I get, the more I value wisdom. I want to learn how to be wise, and as vague as that is, it’s a tangible thought for me because I see wise people around me—in their finances, the words they speak, the decisions they make. And they didn’t get there by sitting on their butts and watching TV for 40 years—they got there by reading, studying, practicing, and experiencing.

What else can you invest in? What interests you? What are your goals and ambitions? No, really? Have you ever drawn or written out a life map? I have. I mapped it out on Photoshop. If you have 1 dream, write out your plan and do it! If you’re like me and could see yourself happy in several different “lives”, map it out! If you’re not sure where to start, try Sharon Ann Lee’s Design Your Own Success chart.

Just don’t get stagnant. Always keep learning, reading, listening, writing, and progressing. Keep yourself busy and don’t allow yourself to be lazy on a consistent basis. Regularly make lists of your goals, whether on a daily, granular level, or a big-picture view of your life.

Whatever you do, never stop learning. 


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Ande has made mistakes in the kitchen since she could reach the countertop. From a restaurant head cook, to cooking meals for friends, to her own solo plate, experimenting & learning drives her. She's also a freelance graphic & web designer, photo/videographer, guitar player and wanderlust-er. In her spare time, she works a full-time 8 to 5 cubicle job. She's the creator of Broke & Healthy.

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