10 (Mostly) Free Family Fun Activities

Some of the most enjoyable activities with family are the ones you don’t have to break your budget over! Be creative and think about “experiences”, not necessarily entertainment. If you can’t eat out, pack a lunch or a light snack and head out after lunch or dinner. There’s always an alternative to opening your wallet!

Here are a few cheap fun activites for the whole family:

1. IKEA!

The older ones (4+) play in the ball pit while Mom and Dad browse the showrooms. After an hour you can all grab a cheap bite to eat at the cafe.

2. Mall indoor play area

Also, grab a cheap lunch afterwards at the food court.

3. Playground/park/walking path

You can spend a couple hours here, picnic meal and get a lot of exercise with the kids. We bring along bubbles and lots of water to stay hydrated. Also bring frozen bread scraps for the birds, ducks, etc.

4. The airport

Believe it or not, they love this! Watch all the travelers from the lobby and see the planes take off.

5. Special events, festivals, and farmer’s markets

Check your local area listings. These are generally little to no admission and give the kids opportunity to hear music, try new foods, and broaden their art tastes ;)Countless events especially during the holidays.

6. Concerts

All local colleges have regular concerts which are open to the public. This is a great idea for exposing kids to live music, theater and the arts.

7. Local pet store

Alyssa’s Family

Let the kids explore the fish, birds and reptiles

8. Frozen yogurt

“Make-your-own-sundae” parlors are so trendy right now. The kids will totally dig putting their own toppings on their sundae.

9. Boating

Find a family or friend with a boat, see if they’ll treat your family to a ride on the water…and maybe offer to bring them dinner 😉

10. Head downtown!

If you’re out in the suburbs trek out to your downtown area and let the kids take in the skyrises and busyness of the area. They might appreciate the slow and quiet of home afterward.

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8 By Alyssa Smith | Currently a student in Radiography Science, Alyssa is also the mother of three boisterous children. Interests lie in physical fitness, good food and creative endeavors. Completed the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course and recommends it to anyone wanting freedom with a realistic plan to kill your debt.

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