10 Healthy ‘Poor Man’s’ Foods

Stefan Pinto, a self-proclaimed former fatty and current model, changed his life and his attitude and lost 60 pounds. He authors an e-book called Fat to Fit, which explains his weight loss journey. While acting and writing in Los Angeles, times were tough and he had to find cheap, healthy food to fit his budget. The staples listed below still remain in his diet despite his successful acting career.

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1. Peanut Butter ($1.99 – $2.49)


2. Oatmeal ($1.49 – $3.99)


3. Brown rice ($1.99 – $2.99)


4. Chick peas – (.99 – $1.49)


5. Tuna ($1.49 – $2.99)


6. Black beans ($.49 – $1.49)


7. Lentils ($.99 – $1.49)


8. Canned corn ($.49 – $.69)


9. Frozen spinach ($1.29 – $2.29)


 10. Sweet potatoes ($1.49 lb)


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  1. It’s different according to state. I live in Hawaii and some of those items are double the price. (sad face)

  2. I’m gonna disagree and say that Tuna is not cheap. Once the water is drained you’re looking at maybe 3 ounces of meat. At best, on sale, Chunk Light tuna is gonna run you 5+ dollars per pound. Compare that with a whole chicken, or split breasts bone-in for around 1$ per lb. By comparison tuna is quite an expensive source of protein.

    • yup. not mention the mercury consumption too

      • yup. not to mention the mercury consumption too

  3. I agree with all of these, except the corn since I don’t think any of those cans don’t contain GMOs. Thanks!

  4. I’ve got the majority of these in my house and they all make a good snack or dinner complement. But my fav is definitely black beans. I cannot get enough of them.

  5. I am obsessed with black beans, so tasty, I can’t get enough of it. These are some really cheap food and it is much better than getting something from the $1 menu at Mcdonalds.